Automotive Gloves from Everpro Gloves
  1. Quality assurance, Cost-effective: strict quality control, provide cost-effective products.
  2. Professional protection, safety, and security: Automotive work Gloves can effectively resist cutting, puncture, oil, and other risks.
  3. Personalization and customization to meet diversified needs.
  4. Quality service: We provide technical support and after-sales protection on time.

Automotive Gloves

Everpro Safety offers various automotive work gloves for sale with many different designs. Our automotive gloves are made with hands skin-friendly that make the users a good touch feeling. Also, the design, material, size, color, and logo all can be made according to the customers’ requirements.

Act now and Shop for Everpro Professional Automotive Gloves!

Whether you work in automotive assembly or automotive repair, a good pair of gloves is a must. Everpro offers comfortable, protective gloves. Contact us today to choose the best protection for your hands! We look forward to your inquiries and professional services for your enjoyment.

Automotive Work Gloves in EVERPRO SAFETY

Protect your hands for the automobile career escort — EVERPRO Safety work gloves

EVERPRO Safety, one of China’s leading manufacturers of work gloves, knows the importance of gloves for the automotive industry. We focus on R & D and production, aimed at every auto industry worker to provide the most thoughtful, safest hand protection.

Excellent workmanship and quality: 

Our automotive gloves, use the best materials, after the production of precision technology. Every inch of cloth, needle, and thread is strictly screened and tested to ensure that the quality of gloves is up to international standards. In addition, we have a wide range of gloves, a unique blend of anti-oil, water, anti-cutting, and other technologies, so that you can work in a water or oil-free environment, hands always keep dry.

Security: For Your Security Escort:

 In addition to superior quality, safety is also our primary consideration. Our automotive gloves after special treatment, with anti-cutting, puncture, shock, and collision-proof functions, can effectively reduce the risk of industrial injury. At the same time, the high tensile strength of gloves can resist accidental tearing and stretching, to ensure that you are always safe at work.

Environmental Responsibility: protecting the green future

As a highly socially responsible company, we know the importance of protecting the environment. In the production process, we strictly adhere to environmental standards and the use of renewable and biodegradable materials. In addition, we also actively participate in public welfare, and strive to make a positive contribution to society.

Durability: durable, long-term protection 

Our automotive gloves are made of high-quality materials, which are specially treated and processed to give them excellent durability. Whether it is wear-resistant, oil-proof, waterproof, and other functional indicators, or tensile strength, durability, and other physical properties, have been strictly tested and verified. This means that you do not have to change gloves frequently, reducing the cost of use.

Comfort: intimate design, comfortable hand

 We know the effect of wearing automotive work gloves for a long time on hand comfort. Therefore, in the design process, we pay attention to the fit and permeability of gloves. The size adjustment function of gloves can ensure that the perfect fit for a variety of hands, and improving the air permeability will help reduce the feeling of heat.

In addition, the fingertip and palm sections of the gloves were specially treated to provide better grip and flexibility.

Flexible customization to meet individual needs

To meet the special needs of different customers, we provide flexible small-batch customization services. Whether it’s a big car manufacturer or a small repair shop, you can get one-on-one customization. We are committed to creating unique gloves for you to meet your dual pursuit of quality and personality.

There are many designs for you to choose from

Everpro Safety offers automotive gloves in a variety of designs. Our car gloves are made of skin-friendly hand materials so that users have a good sense of touch. In addition, the design, materials, dimensions, colors, and logo can be customized according to customer requirements.

 Meet the needs of different types of work

No matter what kind of work you do with cars, you can find the right car work gloves here:

Automobile Assembly, automobile spray painting, and automobile maintenance are the three main types of work gloves. The requirements for gloves in the automotive industry are generally waterproof, oil-proof, cutting-proof, and puncture-proof. In an oily working environment must have a good grip, palm, and the back of the hand waterproof oil. At the same time, the permeability and comfort of gloves are also very important. In automotive spray painting, gloves are required to have anti-biochemical properties to protect the hands.

In addition, work gloves are used and changed very quickly, so for many buyers, the cost of gloves is also very important. We have different quality grades of automotive gloves to meet different job use needs.

Hand protection is crucial in the automotive industry. Choose a pair of appropriate automotive work gloves, that not only improve the efficiency of work but also ensure your safety. EVERPRO Safety, as the leading manufacturer of work gloves in China, promises to provide you with the best quality products and services. Let us work together for the prosperity and development of the automobile escort!

Common Problems with Automotive Gloves

1. Automotive work gloves are easily punctured by sharp objects: In maintenance work, gloves may come into contact with various sharp instruments and tools, such as screwdrivers and scissors. These sharp objects can easily puncture the gloves, resulting in hand injuries.

2. Work Gloves adhesion: When performing automotive repairs, gloves may come into contact with various oils, greases, and chemicals. These substances can stick to the gloves, causing them to stick and affecting operation.

3. Slipping gloves: Due to the size or material of the gloves, the gloves may slip off and lose their protective effect on the hands when the maintenance personnel are carrying out maintenance work.

4. Insensitive touch: When using gloves for automotive repair, the touch of the hand may be affected due to the material and thickness of the gloves, making it difficult for the repairer to accurately perceive the shape and size of the object.

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