Winter Work Gloves

Winter Work Gloves

Everpro Safety supplies wholesale winter work gloves that are available in many different designs. You can choose the general winter work gloves, also the winter gloves for super cold climates and water-proof needs applications.

Our company’s winter work gloves are beneficial to use compared to other typical manufactured winter work gloves. They are friendly to hand skin, have super touch feeling, good breathing, and long lifetime. Also, we accept OEM and ODM designs and our sales will provide the best service.

Want a bulk purchase of winter working gloves? Here at Everpro Safety, we can surely provide you with selections that will appeal to your hands’ safety or business needs. If you are looking for something that is not listed above, please contact us. We are more than willing to assist and collaborate with you.

Winter work gloves are coated men’s winter work gloves, which means making the glove liner thicker with a special material and coated with latex, nitrile or PVC. Then the glove will be suitable for cold climates and some types also can be waterproof.

We supply the main 3 types of glove liners for warm winter work gloves, the details as below :

  1. Double liner. The inner liner is an acrylic terry napping loop and the outer is 15 gauge polyester or nylon. This kind of liner is the best winter work gloves liner, the lowest temperature suit can be -30℃. The coating usually can be latex sandy or nitrile sandy, the first coating is smooth fully or half, which can be waterproof and oil-proof. The second coating is sandy palm or sandy thumb coated, which gives the glove a good grip and a comfortable touch in cold climates. This kind of glove is used by the Chinese Antarctic expedition team members. It is suitable for cold and windy working environments such as industrial outdoors, offshore platforms, and oil and oil production operations.

  1. Acrylic terry napping liner as the work winter gloves. This liner can be 7 gauge or 10 gauge according to clients’ interests. ( Acrylic, Soft to the touch, fluffy feel, bright colour, best light resistance, good heat resistance, good warmth, easy to fleece)。 For the coating, acrylic only can connect with latex, latex crinkle, latex sandy, and latex foam. The coating posting can be palm-coated, thumb-coated and half-coated. This kind of glove is also a very good winter work glove, in which the price is reasonable while the warm-keeping function does not leak.

  1. The last insulated winter work gloves liner is polyester, now most popular is the 10 gauge polyester as men’s winter work gloves. (Polyester brushed, fingers are not velvet, palms are fluffed, and the pile is short). Polyester liner is the most economical type of liner also the warm proof function is the worst company other liners. So it is not suitable for a very cold climate.

Thermal Hazards


Compliance covers cold working hazards such as frozen gases. Performance levels range from 0-4; the higher the number, the higher the protection offered by the gloves.

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