Latex Coated Gloves

Everprogloves as a professional latex coated gloves manufacturer & supplier from China. We start to supply bulk latex dipped work gloves to small safety glove wholesalers.

Latex coated gloves also known as latex dipped work gloves, which are work safety gloves made of impregnated natural latex materials based on yarn gloves, nylon gloves, polyester gloves, and flannel gloves.

The glove liner coated with latex by the production line process. Here is more info about latex coated gloves.

Latex coated work glove can divide to different types according to the latex surface process, the liner of the glove and the coating position, the details as below:

1) According to the latex surface process, the latex coated glove can divide to latex crinkle coated glove, latex sandy coated glove, latex foam coated glove, latex smooth coated glove,etc

2) According the liner of the glove, the latex coated work glove can divide to polyester liner latex coated glove, polycotton latex coated glove, cotton liner latex coated glove, acrylic liner latex coated glove, etc.

3)According to the coating position, the latex coated glove including the latex palm coated glove, latex 3/4 coated glove, latex fully coated glove, latex double layer coated glove,etc.

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