TPR Anti impact Gloves

Anti-impact And Anti-vibration TPR Mechanic Work Gloves

Established in 2011, Everpro Safety has become one of the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of anti-impact and anti-vibration TPR mechanic work gloves. They are made from work glove material that is top-quality, durable, and safe.

Our anti-impact mechanic work gloves are available in different designs, colours, materials, and sizes. They also produced the OEM and ODM designs. Check out our gallery to give you inspiration for your brand or contact us today and we will be glad to help you to choose the best type suitable!

Everprogloves is an Impact Resistant Gloves Supplier from China

  • Package: 12 pairs/polybag. 6 polybags/carton
  • Capacity: 300 dozen per day
  • MOQ: 3000 pairs
  • Colour and logo: Customized
  • Delivery time: 45 working days

Anti Impact gloves wholesale

Buying anti-impact gloves wholesale is a cost-effective step for businesses that routinely use anti-impact gloves for their multitude of workers. It can provide your workers with excellent hand protection all year round.

The first thing you should do when buying anti-impact gloves wholesale is determine what your employees need. Think about the nature of their job. Does their job require them to be constantly exposed to tools and equipment that can injure their hands significantly? Make sure the anti-impact gloves have a high level of cut, impact and abrasion resistance. Since they differ when it comes to how much they can protect your hands, you would want to look for those with a high rating for more dangerous jobs.

Another thing to consider is hand dexterity. Will your employees need the highest hand dexterity and flexibility? Choosing more flexible materials such as Dyneema or Kevlar over less flexible materials like goatskin is a good step.

Waterproof functions are an important factor to consider as well, especially if your work involves handling wet materials. Water can get in a regular pair of work gloves, so make sure you buy those that have a waterproof long to wick moisture out and prevent the hands from being soaked.

Find out if you deal with harsh chemical products that can cause chemical burns and choose those work gloves that can protect the hands from these chemicals.

Pick the right materials for the purpose and application you have and make sure you get the right number of gloves to buy for wholesale. You will be using these gloves all year long, so make sure they will last for a long time.

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