Yard And Landscaping Gloves

Garden And Landscaping Gloves

Everpro Gloves is a Chinese garden and landscaping process gloves manufacturer, we also wholesale small batches to distributors. Garden and landscaping gloves are widely used all over the world. Everpro supplies a variety of creams in bulk, all of which come with different features. We offer different coatings, such as latex, nitrile rubber, polyurethane, and PVC material. Depending on the design, our garden work gloves are available in palm coated, half coated, and fully coated. Our landscape gloves are made with latex-free raw materials which are friendly to the skin. They are available in different shapes and special designs to make them both functional and perfect-looking.

If you are looking for wholesale garden safety gloves and landscaping safety gloves, Everpro Safety can offer you a wide selection for your production requirements. Up to your cosmetic business with our unique and convenient safety work solutions!

Garden gloves, mostly work gloves with general protective performance are needed. Therefore, the main requirement of garden gloves is flexibility and lightness, and the thin and light models are more suitable for garden work.

The main function of garden gloves is to prevent scratches by branches and grasses during work, cuts during pruning, and erosion damage from the soil. At the same time, they also need to take into account the aesthetic effect and integrate with the surrounding environment to make the gardener’s mood more pleasing.

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