Yard and Landscaping Work Gloves

Yard and landscaping gloves are a must-have for gardening work, with abrasion-resistant, non-slip, and breathable properties. High-quality materials ensure the gloves are durable, and the special texture provides a good grip. Meanwhile, the breathable design reduces hand stuffiness and makes work more comfortable. Landscaping gloves protect hands from puncture and abrasion, and are the right hand of every gardening enthusiast, making gardening work safer and more efficient.

Yard And Landscaping Gloves

Everpro Gloves is a Chinese protective gloves manufacturer, we also wholesale small batches to distributors. Protective gloves are widely used all over the world. Everpro supplies a variety of creams in bulk, all of which come with different features. We offer different coatings, such as latex, nitrile rubber, polyurethane, and PVC material. Depending on the design, our landscaping work gloves are available in palm-coated, half-coated, and fully coated. Our landscaping gloves are made with latex-free raw materials which are friendly to the skin. They are available in different shapes and special designs to make them both functional and perfect-looking.

"EVERPRO SAFETY landscaping gloves are comfortable and breathable, allowing you to feel the tenderness of nature!"

If you have a need to buy gardening gloves or want to know more detailed information about the product, please contact us urgently. We will provide you with a free quotation service and recommend the most suitable products for you according to your specific needs. We promise that our quotation will be completely transparent without any hidden costs. We look forward to working with you to create a better gardening life!

EVERPRO SAFETY: Global Manufacturer of landscaping Gloves

As a global manufacturer of protective gloves, EVERPRO SAFETY demonstrates professionalism and quality in the field of landscaping work gloves. Its production is characterized not only by excellent craftsmanship and advanced technology but also by a deep understanding of the needs of users and a spirit of continuous innovation.

I. Introduction of EVERPRO SAFETY’s production

EVERPRO SAFETY has been specializing in the production of protective gloves for many years, with landscaping gloves being the star product in its product line. The company has advanced production equipment, skilled workers, and strict production processes to ensure that every pair of gloves meets high-quality standards. By utilizing a diverse range of high-quality coating materials such as latex, nitrile rubber, polyurethane, and PVC, EVERPRO SAFETY provides customers with a rich and diverse selection of yard gloves.

II. Types and features of landscaping gloves

EVERPRO SAFETY produces a wide range of landscaping work gloves for both adults and children, each with its unique design and features to meet the needs of different gardening jobs.
1. Full palm coated gloves:

  • Characteristics: full palm-coated design provides full hand protection, especially suitable for heavy gardening work such as digging, and moving soil and stones.
  • Material: High-quality coating materials such as latex, nitrile rubber, and polyurethane are usually used to provide excellent anti-slip, abrasion, and corrosion resistance.

2. Half palm coated gloves:

  • Characteristics: the palm part of the glove is coated while the finger part remains flexible, suitable for gardening work that requires a high degree of dexterity, such as pruning and fruit picking.
  • Material: The coated material is also non-slip and abrasion resistant, while the rest of the glove is made of thin, light, and breathable material to ensure hand comfort.

3. Fingertip coated gloves:

  • Characteristics: Coated only on the fingertip portion, providing extra grip while maintaining maximum dexterity of the hand.
  • Scenario: particularly suitable for delicate gardening work, such as planting small seedlings, handling tiny plants, etc.

4. Latex-free gloves:

  • Characteristics: Designed for latex-sensitive users, using synthetic materials instead of latex to provide the same protective performance.
  • Material: made of nitrile rubber, polyurethane, or other synthetic rubber materials to ensure that the user avoids allergic reactions while protecting their hands.

5. Lightweight and breathable model gloves:

  • Characteristics: Light and thin material and breathable design to ensure that the hand stays dry and comfortable during long working hours.
  • Applicable scene: especially suitable for summer or hot climate gardening work, reduces hand fatigue.

6. Fashionable and aesthetic-type gloves:

  • Characteristics: in addition to functionality, but also focus on the appearance of the gloves design, to provide a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.
  • Applicable people: suitable for those who pursue both practicality and fashion sense of the gardener or gardening enthusiasts.

7. If you don’t know how to choose landscaping gloves, you can consult our sales staff. Because we can personalize them according to your requirements of size, coating material, color, etc. EVERPRO SAFETY’s customized service ensures that every customer can get the most suitable landscaping work gloves for themselves.

These landscaping gloves not only have excellent physical properties and longevity but also focus on comfort and aesthetics. Whether you are a professional gardener or a hobbyist, EVERPRO SAFETY has the right glove for your needs. At the same time, the company is committed to environmental protection and sustainable production, reducing its impact on the environment by choosing environmentally friendly materials, optimizing production processes, and participating in recycling programs.

landscaping gloves use scene

Third, application Scenarios

EVERPRO SAFETY’s yard and landscaping gloves are widely used in a variety of scenarios such as home gardens, public green spaces, nurseries, agricultural parks, and professional horticultural venues. Whether it is pruning branches, digging soil, planting flowers, or handling chemical fertilizers and pesticides, these gloves can provide gardeners with excellent protection and comfort.

1. Home garden and balcony planting:
The yard landscaping gloves protect hands from soil, plant thorns, and chemicals when performing daily planting, pruning, watering, and other tasks in the home garden or balcony.
Lightweight and breathable gloves are especially suitable for use in summer or hot environments to keep hands dry and comfortable.
2. Public green space maintenance:
landscaping gloves are an indispensable piece of equipment for the maintenance of public parks, street green spaces, and urban gardens.
Full palm-coated gloves are particularly suitable for heavy-duty work such as lifting stones and pruning large branches due to their excellent abrasion and slip resistance.
3. Nursery and flower growing:
When cultivating seedlings and transplanting flowers in a nursery, yard gloves protect the hands from scratches from soil and plant roots.
Fingertip-coated gloves provide extra grip, making it easier to handle tiny plants and seeds.
4. Agricultural park operations:
Yard and landscaping work gloves reduce direct hand contact with pesticides, fertilizers, and other harmful substances when working in agricultural parks such as tilling, fertilizing, and harvesting.
Latex-free gloves are ideal for latex-sensitive agricultural workers, providing the same protection while avoiding allergic reactions.
5. Professional gardening work:
For professional gardeners and landscapers, landscaping work gloves are a necessity in their daily work.
Custom gloves can be personalized to meet professional needs, such as adding wrist support and using special coating materials to provide better protection and comfort.
6. Horticulture education and training:
Yard and landscaping gloves are often used as part of teaching tools in horticultural education institutions and training programs to teach students proper use and care techniques.
Stylish and aesthetically pleasing gloves can increase students’ interest and participation in gardening.
7. DIY gardening projects:
Landscaping gloves are an important piece of equipment to protect the hands of those who enjoy doing DIY gardening projects on their own.
Half-palm-coated gloves are favored by DIY enthusiasts for their dexterity and grip and are especially suitable for detailed gardening work.

Whether you are a professional gardener or a hobbyist, EVERPRO SAFETY’s landscaping gloves provide excellent hand protection in all of the above application scenarios, helping users complete their gardening work more safely and comfortably. At the same time, the company also focuses on environmental protection and sustainable production to ensure that the gloves are used in the process of minimizing the impact on the environment.

Key Points for choosing Landscaping Gloves

  1. Material: Yard and landscaping gloves should be made of a material that is durable and waterproof to provide adequate protection when handling soil, plants, and tools. Common materials include latex, nitrile rubber, polyurethane, and nylon. These materials usually have good abrasion, tear, and puncture resistance.
  2. Thickness and dexterity: The thickness of a glove directly affects its protection and dexterity. Thicker gloves may provide better protection, but may also limit dexterity. Therefore, these two factors must be balanced when making a selection based on the specific task. For tasks that require delicate handling, such as planting seedlings or pruning branches, choose gloves that are thinner and more flexible.
  3. Size and fit: Yard and landscaping gloves should fit snugly on the hand without being too tight or restricting circulation. It is important to choose the right size gloves to ensure comfort and prevent hand fatigue. When trying on gloves, make sure that the fingertip and palm areas of the gloves fit the hand well and do not restrict the natural movement of the hand.
  4. Non-slip: The non-slip properties of gardening gloves are essential to ensure safety and improve work efficiency. The palm and fingertip portions of the glove are often specially textured or coated to increase grip. These designs help maintain a stable grip in wet or dry conditions.
  5. Breathability and comfort: Breathability and comfort are equally important when gardening for long periods. Choosing materials with good breathability will reduce sweaty and stuffy hands, improving comfort and productivity. Some premium gardening gloves also have vents or breathable mesh on the fingertips or palm to increase breathability.
  6. Durability and washability: Yard and landscaping gloves must withstand frequent use and washing. Durability and washability are important considerations when choosing a glove. Quality glove materials are resistant to abrasion, tearing and chemicals, and are easy to clean and maintain. This is important to keep your gloves clean and prolong their life.
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