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Cut Resistant Gloves

The cut-resistant work gloves we supply, also have high performance levels on the abrasion, tear, and puncture, which makes the lifetime at least 5 times longer than the normal types. As we are of most hot sale designs, we have enough stock to support the small quantity for the trial order. For Bulk orders, Everpro Safety can supply your production needs. If you can’t find your preferred design, we are more than happy to collaborate with you and your brand requirements.

Cut Resistant Gloves

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Everpro gloves is a cut-resistant gloves manufacturer from China.

Everpro Manufactures and supplies wholesale cut-resistant work gloves that may appeal to your customers. The reason why the cut-resistant glove is an ideal material for most general works such as gardening, tools. Furthermore, our cut-resistant work gloves are super suitable for special work conditions, such as glass production, which easily the hands get hurt. The assembly work, Automotive, Construction, Metal, and steel production. The cut level for all is more than EU standard Cut 3.

  • HPPE fibre with coating anti-cut gloves
  • Package: 12 pairs/polybag. 10 polybags/carton
  • MOQ: 1200 pairs
  • Delivery time: 30 working days
  • Capacity: 30000 dozens per day
  • Colour and logo: Customized

Cut Resistant Gloves FAQ

Cut Resistant Gloves FAQ

  1. What are cut-resistant gloves?

    Cut-resistant gloves are a special type of hand protection used primarily to prevent hands from being cut by sharp objects. They are usually made of high-strength, highly abrasion-resistant materials such as steel wire and Kevlar.

  2. What are the materials used in cut-resistant gloves?

    Cut-resistant gloves are primarily made of high-strength materials such as steel wire, polyethene fibre, nylon and Kevlar. These materials provide excellent cut and abrasion resistance and protect the hands from injury.

  3. What types of cut-resistant gloves are there?

    Cut-resistant gloves can be divided into different types based on different classifications. According to material, they can be divided into metal gloves, polyethene fibre gloves, nylon gloves, Kevlar gloves, etc.; according to use, they can be divided into work safety gloves, industrial gloves, household kitchen gloves, etc.; according to style, they can be divided into five-finger gloves and three-finger gloves.

  4. How to choose cut-resistant gloves?

    Choosing the right cut-resistant gloves must be based on different usage occasions and needs. For example, in steel mills or glass processing plants and other places where there is a risk of high-speed cutting, you need to choose metal or polyethene fibre and other high-strength materials for cut-resistant gloves; in the kitchen and other places where there is a risk of using knives, you need to choose a durable, comfortable glove. You also need to consider factors such as size, breathability and durability.

  5. How do I care for cut-resistant gloves?

    Cut-resistant gloves must be cleaned and maintained regularly to maintain their performance and longevity. When cleaning, you must choose the appropriate cleaning agent to avoid damaging the gloves; when maintaining, you can apply an appropriate amount of anti-slip or lubricant to the surface of the gloves to increase their anti-slip and abrasion properties. In addition, it is also necessary to regularly check the gloves for breakage and replace them promptly if they are broken.

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