HPPE With Leather Cut Resistant Glove(CUT-1401)

HPPE With Leather Cut Resistant Glove(CUT-1401) main features:

  1. Superior cut resistance: the gloves are made of high-strength polyethylene (HPPE) glove germ as the main material, this high-performance synthetic fiber has excellent cut resistance, and can effectively resist sharp objects to the hand, to provide users with a high level of safety protection.
  2. Enhanced abrasion and heat resistance: In the palm area, the gloves are specially reinforced with cowhide leather. Cowhide is known for its excellent abrasion and heat resistance, and this design not only significantly improves the durability of the gloves, but also maintains the integrity and protection of the gloves in hot or rough working environments.
  3. Comfortable to wear, safe to protect: The gloves are equipped with an elasticized wrist opening, a feature that makes the gloves easier to put on and take off and ensures that the gloves fit snugly to the hand, preventing the ingress of harmful substances. The elastic wrist opening also provides additional support to reduce hand fatigue and discomfort caused by long working hours, ensuring comfort and safety at work.


HPPE With Leather Cut Resistant Glove(CUT-1401)

Product Information:

Material Liner:  HPPE   Coating: Leather
Performance Level  Ansi 6
Size 7(S)-11(XXL)
Normal Package 1 pairs/polybag, 12 pairs /polybag , 120pairs/carton
Application Auto repair, Tools, Logistic, Construction, Glass industry, Mechanical operation, Hardware, Security and so on
MOQ 1000 pairs
Characteristics Cut-resistant, Abrasion-resistant, Non-slip, High temperature resistant
Logo ink print, silk print, heat transfer print
Remarks 1. Customized color is accepted   2. More cut levels and higher Ansi levels are acceptable

Product Advantage:

HPPE With Leather Cut Resistant Gloves-details

  1. Excellent Protection: The HPPE With Leather Cut Resistant Gloves are made of a woven combination of high-strength polyethylene and cowhide leather for superior abrasion, heat, and cut resistance. This material combination allows the gloves to withstand cuts from sharp objects, abrasion from rough surfaces and thermal damage from hot environments, providing excellent protection for the user.
  2. Improved abrasion and slip resistance: The wear resistance of the gloves is significantly improved by the special addition of cowhide leather to the palm. At the same time, the natural texture of the cowhide increases the friction between the glove and the surface of the object, providing excellent non-slip properties and reducing the risk of the hand slipping.
  3. Fitting and Comfortable Design: The HPPE With Leather Cut Resistant Gloves are designed with a seamless liner to ensure comfort while wearing. It provides a snug fit to minimize hand fatigue, while providing a cool touch to facilitate extended wear.
  4. Excellent Breathability: The choice of glove material ensures good breathability, which effectively reduces hand perspiration and keeps hands dry. This design not only increases comfort, but also helps reduce the risk of slipping due to sweat.
  5. Flexible Finger Curve: The glove design focuses on hand dexterity, allowing the fingers to flex freely without interfering with fine manipulation. This allows the gloves to provide full protection without compromising hand mobility and productivity.
  6. Wide range of applications: The HPPE With Leather Cut Resistant Glove’s multiple protective functions and comfortable design make it suitable for use in a range of high-risk industries, such as automotive, machinery, metallurgy, construction and so on. It is also an ideal occupational safety product for petrochemical, smelting and mining, and metal processing industries, reflecting its wide applicability and practicality.


Designed for labor protection in several high-risk industries, these HPPE With Leather Cut Resistant Gloves provide comprehensive hand safety protection for practitioners. In industries such as automotive manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, construction, glass and sheet processing, workers often need to handle sharp metal edges, and rough materials and perform heavy labor, so the cut-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and non-slip features of this glove are particularly important. It is an essential product for self-defense for workers in these industries, which can effectively reduce hand injuries and improve work efficiency and safety.

HPPE With Leather Cut Resistant Gloves application

At the same time, these HPPE With Leather Cut Resistant Gloves are also suitable for workers in petrochemicals, smelting and mining, metal processing, and other industries. The working environment in these industries is often more harsh, involving hazardous chemicals, extreme temperatures, and heavy mechanical operations. The gloves’ resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, and impacts can effectively protect the hands from injury and provide additional safety for workers.

The HPPE With Leather Cut Resistant Gloves are also ideal for labor protection in industries such as waste sorting and disaster relief. In these jobs, the gloves are challenged by a variety of waste materials, sharp objects, and harsh environments, while maintaining dexterity and comfort. The design and material selection of these gloves meet these requirements perfectly, providing workers with all-around hand protection to ensure that they can accomplish their work tasks safely and efficiently.

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