Anti Vibration Gloves

Anti-Vibration Gloves Supply 

Everpro Glove is an anti-vibration glove supplier from China since 2011. As an anti-vibration manufacturer, We sell anti-vibration gloves wholesale, and vibration-resistant glove distributors all over the world.

Anti-vibration gloves are based on gauze gloves and leather gloves. A certain thickness of the foam, latex, and air inter-layer synthetic rubber or foam rubber is added to the palm.

Anti-vibration gloves are very important for long-term manipulation of hand-held vibration tools, such as chainsaws, rock drills, electric hammers, pneumatic picks, etc., especially in wet and cold environments.

Currently, Everpro Gloves produces vibration-proof gloves in two ways. One is that the back of the glove body is covered with a TPR coating, and a plurality of hollow elastic micro-spheres are embedded in the TPR coating. The uneven surface of the TPR coating has a good shock-proof effect. The second is to add a sponge pad inside the palm to reduce vibration.

When using anti-vibration gloves, if the palm part is worn or damaged, or the anti-vibration material leaks, it should be replaced in time. At the same time, when choosing a glove size, choose a larger and slightly looser glove.

Of course, TPR style, colour, and logo can be fully customized, if you need it, please feel free to contact our sales staff.

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