We know safety is the most important. So from 2011, we are only focus on coated working gloves developing and production. As a work gloves manufacturer in China. In our opinion, work glove is not only a product, but also a art work. We hope that our gloves will not only reduce the working risks of workers, protect your hands, protect your life. We also hope that it will provide users with maximum comfort and improve work and life happiness.

Our gloves are mainly bulk sale targeted at foreign distributors, wholesalers, stores, and end users such as slaughter factories, auto repair shops, construction companies, etc. Of course, prices will vary greatly depending on the quantity. For customers who purchase in large quantities for a long time, we will give certain discount work glove. For customers who are not very familiar with what gloves to choose, we will also give professional guidance. Anyway, no matter what type of customer, Everpro Glove will supply you the right choice on the base of good balance of quality and price.

At present, according to the material composition of our products, our product range mainly includes:

  1. Cut-resistant gloves. Mainly used in glass production, knife weaving, and industries that will come into contact with sharp objects.
  2. TPR impact resistant work gloves. It is mainly used in the manufacture of vehicles and ships, gas and oil, and the installation of scaffolding requires safety protection levels such as anti-impact and anti-viration. Meantime the price is also relatively high. Of course, we also supply the cheap impact gloves.
  3. Latex coated work gloves. Mainly used in agriculture, construction work glove, power tool operation and other industries.
  4. Nitrile dipped work gloves. Mainly used in car repair, paint stucco, hardware industry, chemical industry, power tool operation, etc. Mainly oil-proof and waterproof work.

5.PU dipping safety gloves. Mainly used in precision instrument operation, electronics industry, and agriculture.

  1. PVC dipped gloves. It is mainly used in chemical industry for preventing acid and alkali, fishing industry, etc.

Depending on the application of the product, there are winter work gloves, anti-static gloves, thermal insulation gloves, food cutting gloves, etc. Of course, many gloves can be used interactively