Chemical Resistant Gloves

Chemical Resistant Work Gloves

Chemical-resistant work gloves need to resistant to different chemical acids resistant and alkali-resistant as well as oil resistant. Everpro Safety offers chemical-resistant work gloves in bulk. They are suitable for medium-duty and heavy-duty applications. There are many different designs.

Do you need the customization on the anti-acid work glove? Do you need the anti-alkali safety glove? If your need are not on the list, you can get in touch with us and have it customized. Our team provides assistance to help you decide on the perfect safety solutions!

As general personal protective equipment, chemical-resistant gloves charts are mainly used for effective protection of the hands of the personnel when they are exposed to chemical solvents. Chemical gloves can be selected from a variety of materials depending on the composition of the chemical.

Currently, chemical-resistant gloves lowes are widely used.Chemical oil processing, petroleum refining, machine operation, paint ,and paint workshop work, chemical industry, precision installation, printing industry.

Instructions for use of chemistry gloves:

1. When using anti-chemical gloves, you must choose according to the protective function of the gloves, and do not use them indiscriminately to avoid accidents.

2. Check for damage and aging before use. If not, do not use it.

3. Rubber, latex, plastic and other protective gloves should be rinsed, dried and preserved after use to avoid high temperature, and sprinkle talcum powder on the product to prevent adhesion.

4. Insulating gloves should be used strictly by the instructions for use, and the electrical insulation properties should be checked regularly. Not in compliance with regulations cannot be used.

5. Latex industrial gloves are only suitable for weak acids.

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