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Fishing Gloves

Fishing gloves are also a large type of work gloves.

Fish catching gloves, common applications include catching fish, crabs, and prawns. At the same time, it is necessary to hold silk ropes and carry items on the ship.

Fishing gloves are necessary tools for fishermen to fish. They can prevent their hands from being soaked in seawater, being stabbed by fish, and it can also prevent their hands from slipping. A good pair of fishing gloves not only do these but also comfortable and durable. If only these functions are available, but the fishermen are uncomfortable to wear it or it breaks after a few days, it will also affect the fishermen’s mood.

The fishing gloves provided by our company are developed according to the operating environment of the fishing operation and the requirements of the operators. They are wear-resistant, durable, soft, non-slip, and waterproof. At the same time, in response to changes in different seasons, the inner lining has flannel and cotton cloths for different temperature conditions, which are cold-proof and warm in cold seasons, and comfortable to absorb sweat in hot seasons.

Everpro Gloves is a Chinese fishing gloves manufacturer, we also wholesale small batches to distributors. Our MOQ 1000 pairs to 6000 pairs range. Factory-direct sales, colors and styles can be customized, and different logos are printed for different customer needs.

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