EVERPRO Safety Fishing Gloves
  • Excellent protection: the use of wear-resistant, non-slip, waterproof top-grade materials, prevents the challenges of fishing so that your hands are protected from injury.
  • Ultimate Comfort: Hand-fit design, soft and breathable, long-time wear is still easy, lets you focus on fishing, and enjoy the work process.
  • Trust quality: Everpro Safety is always committed to providing the most reliable and durable glove products. Choose Us, is to choose the trust and Peace of mind.

Fishing Gloves

Everpro Safety offers wholesale gloves designed for the fishing industry. They are waterproof and have a strong grip. They are suitable for fishing, crabbing, and shrimping. Up to 60 centimeters in length to provide additional protection to the arm, particularly for high-risk fisheries processing and pelagic fishing operations. Fishing gloves are durable and comfortable, and material selection, ensures a long time to wear comfortably, fishermen’s ideal choice. Choose Everpro Gloves to protect hand safety and improve the efficiency of the work so that fisheries work more comfortably and smoothly.

Choose Everpro Safety Fishing Gloves, so that safety and comfort with you every catch!

In fishing, hands first. A good pair of gloves, is your fishing journey indispensable partner. EVERPRO Safety understands the needs and challenges of fishermen, so we are dedicated to creating professional, high-quality fishing gloves that offer unprecedented protection and comfort.

EVERPRO Safety professional fishing gloves

Everpro gloves are multi-functional and applicable scenarios.

Everpro gloves are top-of-the-line gloves designed for a variety of work environments. Not only is it suitable for fishing, crab, and prawn fishing, but its excellent waterproofing and grip make it easy for fishermen to deal with slippery and tricky environments. In addition, the glove is also suitable for picking pineapple, durian, and other fruits, for agricultural workers to provide the same efficient hand protection. It can be up to 60cm long and ensures that the arm is also given extra protection against accidental scratches or other injuries.

Fishing glove application scene

So whether you’re fishing inshore or offshore or aquaculture or seafood processing; there’s always a fishing glove for you at Everpro Safety. To meet the needs of different working environments, we also provide different lengths, and different specifications of gloves for you to choose from. Whether you’re in offshore or ocean fishing, EVERPRO SAFETY has the perfect fishing gloves for you.

Everpro Gloves comfort and seasonal design.

In the Everpro Gloves design, we pay special attention to the user’s comfort experience. The fishing gloves are made of wear-resistant, durable, soft, non-slip, and waterproof materials to ensure comfort during long-term use. In addition, we are well aware of the impact of temperature changes in different seasons on hand comfort, so specially designed flannel and cotton lining at different temperature conditions. In cold weather, the flannel lining provides good warmth, while in hot weather, the cotton lining absorbs sweat and keeps the hands dry.

Everpro Gloves ordering and business cooperation.

Everpro Gloves are ideal for customers seeking large orders. We accept OEM orders and meet the needs of wholesale, distribution, and retail. Whether you are a glove distributor or retailer, we can provide customized solutions to help your business live up. Contact us immediately to make Everpro gloves a strong backing for your business and work together to create a safer and more comfortable working environment for fishermen and other workers!

Common Problems in The Use of Fishing Gloves

1. Wear and tear: The fishing Operation Environment is complex and changeable, fishing gloves often with rough nets, sharp hooks, and other contact, which easily lead to wear and tear. Therefore, the selection of wear-resistant gloves and increasing the thickness of gloves is the key.

2. Reduced waterproofing: With long-time immersion in seawater, the waterproof properties of gloves may gradually decline, resulting in uncomfortable wet hands, and even causing skin problems. High-quality fishing gloves should have good waterproof performance and can be used for a long time to maintain this characteristic.

3. Loss of grip: Gloves in the use of a period, may be due to aging or contaminated with seawater, oil, and other slippery, resulting in a weakened grip. This is a safety hazard for fishermen who need to hold on to fish, crabs, and other seafood. Therefore, it is very important to choose fishing gloves with excellent anti-skid performance.

4. Inappropriate size: Glove size is too large or too small will affect the use of its effect. Gloves that are too large can slip off and not provide adequate protection, while gloves that are too small may limit the flexibility of the hand and cause inconvenience. Therefore, in the purchase of fishing gloves, should ensure that they select their hand-size gloves.

5. Lack of ventilation: Wearing gloves for a long time easily leads to hand sweating, if the gloves lack breathability, sweat will accumulate in gloves, so that the hands feel stuffy and impermeable, and may even lead to skin inflammation. Therefore, high-quality fishing gloves should have good ventilation to keep the hands dry and comfortable.

To solve these problems, EVERPRO Safety fishing gloves are designed and manufactured with special emphasis on the improvement of wear resistance, water resistance, skid resistance, size suitability, and air permeability. We use high-quality materials and advanced production technology to ensure that gloves in the use of the process can maintain excellent performance for a long time to provide fishermen with a full range of protection and comfort experience.

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