Nitrile Coated Gloves

Dipping Nitrile Work Glove Company

Everprogloves is a nitrile coated gloves supplier and manufacturer from China. We wholesale nitrile coated gloves for small buyers.

Nitrile coated work gloves provide a good function of water resistant and oil resistant. Everpro Glove supplies excellent quality nitrile work gloves. We offer nitrile work gloves in bulk. We have various nitrile work gloves that are combined with high technology and reasonable price. We have the water-based Micro foaming finishing nitrile dipping glove, sandy double and fully coating nitrile glove, the general smooth coating nitrile glove, and so on. Our nitrile dipping work gloves are friendly to the hands, with the high technology not only makes the nitrile work glove long life but also supply the super touch feeling and good breathing.
Are you looking for something? If your desired nitrile work glove designs are not listed, you may contact us. We will get in touch with your needs and assist you throughout the process. You can customize the color, technology, design, and size of the nitrile work gloves.

If you don’t know which nitrile coated gloves to bulk buy, please check out nitrile coated gloves buy guide.

Package: 12 pairs/polybag. 10 polybags/carton
MOQ: 6000 pairs
Delivery time: 30 working days
Capacity: 30000 dozens per day
Color and logo: Customized

  • What are nitrile coated gloves used for?

Nitrile rubber is a synthetic rubber, which has good oil resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance and air tightness, good heat resistance and strong adhesion.

Therefore, nitrile dipped gloves are widely used Petrochemical industry, paint printing, agriculture and animal husbandry labor, automobile, machinery cleaning and maintenance, shipbuilding and other industries.

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  • What are Nitrile dipped gloves?

Nitrile dipped glove-Put the sock woven with cotton, polyester, acrylic and other yarns on the hand mold, use certain anti-penetration technology, immerse it in the adjusted nitrile rubber, and use different processes to form the corresponding rubber surface form.

Protective gloves made of dry, bubble wash, vulcanization and drying. The nitrile dipped glove have nitrile smooth,nitrile foam,nitrile sandy different surface process.

  • Are nitrile coated gloves waterproof?

Yes. Nitrile coated work glove are both waterproof and oil-proof.

For more better waterproof, usually the nitrile can be half coated, even fully coated, then will provide the both hand palm and hand back fully protection of waterproof.

One word , the more position the nitrile coating , the more protection will supply.

Except these,the nitrile glove,Lightweight and sensitive, soft and comfortable, excellent abrasion resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, excellent chemical resistance


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