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Construction Gloves

In the construction industry, hand protection is indispensable.

In the construction industry, the common types of subdivided gloves include concrete gloves, drywall gloves, flooring gloves, masonry gloves, plumbing gloves, scaffold gloves, and so on. For different divisions of labor, we will also recommend different gloves.

The most common main functions of construction gloves are wear resistance and anti-smashing and anti-vibration functions. For a long time, we have been constantly updating and satisfying the performance of these gloves, not only to provide adequate protection but also to make users feel the greatest degree of comfort.

Everpro Gloves is a Chinese construction gloves manufacturer, we also wholesale small batches to distributors. Our MOQ 1000 pairs to 6000 pairs range. Factory-direct sales, colors and styles can be customized, and different logos are printed for different customer needs.

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