TPE Anti Impact Automotive Mechanic Gloves (EP601)

This is a new TPE material and new process-integrated injection moulding technology for anti-impact automotive mechanic gloves. It has excellent impact, shock and slip resistance, while also ensuring comfort and flexibility.

  1.  Anti-impact and shock-proof function: The work gloves are made of new TPE rubber material, which can reduce the injury of the hand when moving quickly or facing impact.
  2. Comprehensive protection: The gloves are not only anti-impact but also have excellent anti-puncture, anti-slip and anti-oil properties, providing all-around protection for the hands.
  3. Comfort and flexibility: The inside of the gloves can be made of HPPE, spandex, polyester and other materials. The gloves are soft and fit to the hands, comfortable to wear, and do not affect the flexible movement of the fingers.
  4. Unique anti-slip design: the tyre pattern design of the palm part enhances the anti-slip, and wear resistance of the work glove, ensuring that it can provide a stable grip on various working surfaces.

In summary, this work glove combines the three major elements of protection, comfort and practicality, and is an ideal automotive mechanical work glove.


TPE Anti Impact Automotive Mechanic Gloves (EP601)

These TPE anti-impact automotive mechanic gloves use TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) new materials and new technology one injection moulding technology, and a combination of several outstanding features, both to provide the wearer with strong impact, shock and slip protection, they also ensure comfort and flexibility of wearing. So when you’re working in the industry and facing countless hand risks, consider this mechanic glove.

Product Specification:

Material Liner-Nylon or HPPE or Spandex,   Coating-TPE
Performance Level EN388
Size 7(S)-11(XXL)
Normal Package 12 pairs /polybag, 120pairs/carton
Application Mechanical processing of metalwork, construction engineering, mechanical repair, handling, equipment maintenance, etc.
MOQ 500 dozens (1dozen=12pairs)
Logo The LOGO can be customized.
Characteristics Dexterity, Sensitivity, Anti-oil, Anti-slip, Anti-puncture, Anti-shock.
Remarks OEM is accepted, Design and color can be customized.

Product Details:

TPE Anti impact automotive mechanic gloves details show

  1. Anti-impact and anti-shock design: the hand back of the mechanic glove is a specially designed anti-impact structure, this design is particularly useful in the need to move quickly or in the face of an accidental impact work environment, and can effectively reduce the impact of hand injuries.
  2. Excellent protection: in addition to anti-impact, this mechanic glove also has excellent anti-puncture, anti-slip and anti-oil performance. This means that it can provide comprehensive hand protection in complex work environments such as car maintenance, machining, etc.
  3. Comfort and dexterity: despite its powerful protective features, this mechanic glove is a very comfortable experience to wear. It is soft and clingy to the hand, ensuring that it does not feel oppressive over long periods. At the same time, the design also ensures the dexterity of the hand, enabling the wearer to freely move the fingers in the work to complete the fine operation.
  4. Unique Palm Design: The palm part uses an equal tread design, this design not only enhances the anti-skid gloves but also improves the wear resistance. Whether on a dry or slightly oily surface, the mechanic gloves provide a steady grip, ensuring safety and efficiency.
Overall, the TPE anti-impact automotive mechanic gloves are high-quality gloves that combine protection, comfort and practicality, very suitable for automotive maintenance, machining and other needs of a high degree of hand protection in the working environment.


These TPE anti-impact automotive mechanic gloves are suitable for various industries, including mechanical machining, metalworking, construction, mechanical maintenance, handling, and equipment maintenance, providing comprehensive protection for hand safety in various work scenarios.

TPE Anti impact automotive mechanic gloves details shows

1. Mechanical Machining and Metalworking

  • Near high-speed rotating machinery, when operating sharp tools and heavy workpieces, the glove’s impact-resistant design can reduce hand injuries from accidental collisions.
  • When handling oily metal surfaces, the glove’s anti-slip features ensure a firm grip on the workpiece, preventing slipping-related injuries.
  • During metal cutting, drilling, and other operations, the work glove’s puncture-resistant performance effectively prevents cuts, stabs, or punctures from metal debris or sharp edges.

2. Construction Engineering

  • When handling bricks, wood, steel, and other heavy objects on cluttered construction sites, these mechanic gloves can reduce vibration and friction injuries to your hands, reducing the risk of long-term hand strain.
  • When operating heavy construction machinery with significant vibration, the automotive mechanic gloves’ shock-absorbing function helps protect your nerves and muscles from damage.
  • When working in wet and slippery environments, the mechanic glove’s anti-slip design ensures safe tool handling, preventing accidents from falls.

3. Mechanical Maintenance and Handling

  • During mechanical repairs, workers often come into contact with oil and sharp machine parts. The gloves’ oil-resistant properties allow workers to fearlessly deal with oil stains and easily complete maintenance tasks.
  • When handling heavy machinery components, the automotive mechanic gloves’ impact resistance and shock absorption provide additional protection for your hands, enhancing work efficiency.

4. Equipment Maintenance

  • During routine maintenance of industrial equipment, you may need to inspect, clean, and replace equipment parts regularly. The mechanic gloves’ durability ensures they withstand friction with equipment surfaces, extending their lifespan.
  • When handling equipment containing potentially harmful substances, the automotive mechanic gloves material ensures it does not cause skin allergies or other health issues.
  • During high-altitude equipment maintenance, the work glove’s anti-slip performance prevents the risk of falls due to hand slippage.

TPE Anti impact automotive mechanic gloves application

In summary, these TPE anti-impact automotive mechanic gloves provide comprehensive and meticulous protection for hand safety in various industries. Whether in mechanical machining, construction engineering, or mechanical maintenance and handling, they are indispensable personal protection equipment.

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