Soft Anti-Chemical PVC-Coated Gloves(PVC108)

  • Comprehensive Protection: soft, durable, waterproof, non-slip, and with excellent chemical protection, adapts to a variety of working environments such as weak acids and alkalis.
  • Multi-season Applicability: The inner lining can be selected from cotton, polyester, or cotton wool cloth, adapting to the wearing needs of different seasons.
  • Fashionable and practical: the outer nitrile frosted design is non-slip and fashionable, with aesthetics and functionality at the same time.


Soft Anti-Chemical PVC-Coated Gloves(PVC108)

The main features:

  1. Soft anti-chemical PVC-coated gloves are made of PVC material, bright red color, with good durability and water resistance.
  2. The surface layer is made of nitrile rubber material, frosted process, with excellent wear resistance, oil resistance, and chemical resistance.
  3. Suitable for use in contact with chemical substances, oil, stains, cleaning, protection, waterproofing, and other occasions, such as cleaning oil, handling chemical reagents, housework, cleaning toilets, and so on.

Purchasing Instructions:

Material Liner- Cotton, Polyester, and Cotton wool fabrics, etc.     Coating-PVC Impregnation, Nitrile sandy surface.
Performance Level EN388  EN374
Size 9(L)-11(XXL), 27cm-60cm
Normal Package 12pair/polybag,72pairs/carton
Soft, Waterproof oil resistance, Weak acid, and alkali resistance, Chemical resistance, etc.
Application  Fish processing,  Mechanical heavy industry,  Oil & Chemical Industry, Cleaning industry, Medical industry Catering industry, Chemical industry, Printing, paint manufacturing, jewelry processing and other industries, etc.
MOQ 500 dozens (1dozen=12pairs)
Logo Ink print and logo can be customized.
 Red, a Customized color is accepted.

Colour and why:

If you don’t like red, you can also choose blue and green, of course, you can also provide samples, according to your sample production processing.

Why choose these soft anti-chemical PVC-coated gloves:

  1. Hand protection: Gloves can effectively protect the hand, avoid direct contact with harmful substances, chemicals, oil, etc., and reduce the injury of the hand.
  2. Increased hand flexibility: Gloves can make hands more flexible and facilitate the completion of delicate tasks.
  3. Increase the beauty: gloves can increase the beauty of the hand, making the hand look more tidy and clean.


These Soft anti-chemical PVC-coated gloves have a wide range of applications in many industries thanks to their excellent protection, comfort, and durability. Whether they need to deal with the tough challenges of chemicals or avoid contact with greasy environments, these gloves provide workers with reliable hand protection, ensuring that they can complete their tasks safely and efficiently in a variety of work environments.

  • Cleaning Industry: Cleaning workers need to protect their hands from exposure to harmful substances and chemicals when carrying out cleaning work. These gloves have good waterproof and chemical protection properties and are suitable for the cleaning industry.
  • Medical: Healthcare workers need to pay special attention to hand hygiene and protection when handling patients and performing surgery. These gloves have anti-slip and anti-allergy properties to meet the needs of the medical industry.
  • Catering industry: When handling food, gloves can help prevent cross-infection and spread of bacteria and ensure food safety. These gloves are environmentally friendly, do not produce harmful fumes, and are easy to clean and sanitize, making them suitable for use in the food service industry.
  • Chemical industry: When handling chemicals and conducting experiments, gloves can protect the hands from chemical substances. These gloves have good chemical protection properties and are suitable for the chemical industry.
  • Other industries: In addition to the above industries, these soft anti-chemical PVC-coated gloves can also be used in other fields that need hand protection, such as printing, paint manufacturing, jewelry processing, and other industries.

In short, the soft anti-chemical PVC-coated gloves have good protective performance, comfort, and durability, and can be widely used in various industries that require hand protection.

Choose it not only to protect your hands but also for your safety and health. In the days to come, no matter what industry you are in, these soft anti-chemical PVC-coated gloves will be your competent partner in work and life. Let’s work together towards a safer and healthier working and living environment!


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