PVC Coated Gloves

PVC Coated Work Gloves Supply

Founded more than 9 years ago, Everpro Safety is one of the most reliable PVC coated work glove manufacturers in China. Our PVC coated work glove in bulk are made in environmental material which is super friendly to users hands. They are suitable for different applications that are in the oil and gas industrial, painting industrial, furniture factories, fruit pick, and fishing industries. All of our PVC coated work gloves available in different designs. You can choose polycotton or pure cotton or cut-resistant material and you can choose different coating methods for the rubber. We can guarantee you that our PVC coating gloves are 100% safe as they are latex-free, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant. For more information on our wholesale PVC coated work gloves, get in touch with us today!

PVC Coated Gloves are one of the most common types of chemical-resistant gloves.

Characteristics of PVC coated glove: stable, not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali, more resistant to heat, flame retardant, chemically resistant, mechanical strength and electrical insulation, not easy to be aged super wear-resistant, good mechanical properties, oil stain resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, penetration resistance, excellent chemical resistance.

Disadvantages of PVC work gloves: not easy to be decomposed, low cold resistance, so for more comfortable, generally PVC made to foam
Most PVC coated work gloves are fully coated and with long sleeves.

PVC dipped gloves are widely used in fishing, oil industry, the machine tool processing industry, and the chemical industry.

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