Anti-Impact And Cut-Resistant Mechanical Work Glove(TPR-1101)

This mechanical work glove is suitable for a variety of mechanics work scenarios that require hand protection, such as construction sites, machining, mechanical maintenance, etc. Its comfortable wearing experience and good grip also make it play an excellent performance in a variety of complex work environments.

  1. Excellent protection: With high-performance materials such as HPPE, nitrile, and TPR, these gloves are cut, wear, and impact resistant, providing full hand protection.
  2. High comfort: This mechanical work glove uses a soft and comfortable lining material inside and a flexible TPR material outside so that the glove is tightly fitted to the hand when wearing, and it is not easy to feel tired.
  3. Strong grip: Nitrile matte palm immersion technology increases the friction coefficient of gloves, making the grasp of objects more stable and reliable.


Anti-Impact And Cut-Resistant Mechanical Work Glove(TPR-1101)

Product Details:

  1. HPPE lining: The Mechanical Work Glove is lined with high-strength polyethylene (HPPE), a synthetic fiber with excellent cutting resistance. In the anti-cutting rating, it reaches the standard of level 5, which means that it can effectively resist scratches and cuts from sharp objects, providing strong protection for the hand.
  2. Nitrile scrub: Nitrile scrub is applied to the palm of the glove. Nitrile butadiene rubber is a synthetic rubber with good oil resistance, wear resistance, and tear resistance. By sanding, the friction coefficient of the palm is increased, making the glove more stable when gripping the object.
  3. TPR anti-collision material: The back of the Cut-Resistant Mechanical Work Glove is made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) anti-collision material. TPR is a material with high elasticity, high toughness, and good impact resistance, which can effectively cushion the impact and squeeze of the hand and reduce the risk of hand injury.

Product Description:

Material Liner-HPPE Cut 5  Coating-Nitrile Sandy And TPR Palm Coated
Performance Level EN388 4X43CP
Size 7(S)-11(XXL)
Normal Package 12pairs /polybag, 72pairs/carton
Application Construction, Wood processing, Logistic, Metal smelting, Auto Repair, Agriculture, Exploration, Automotive, Heavy Machinery, etc
MOQ 100 dozens (1dozen=12pairs)
Logo Customized
Test Report Download TRP Anti Impact Work glove
Characteristics  Anti-impact, cut-resistant, Oil resistant and non-slip
Remarks Design can be customized


The following related industries may be more suitable for this Anti-Impact And Cut-Resistant Mechanical Work Glove:

  1. Machinery Manufacturing and Processing Industry:Anti-Impact And Cut-Resistant Mechanical Work Glove maintain
    In the process of mechanical manufacturing and processing, workers often come into contact with a variety of sharp metal edges, high-speed rotating tools, and heat-treated workpieces. The anti-cutting properties of this mechanical work glove can effectively protect the hand from sharp objects. At the same time, its wear resistance and durability also ensure that the gloves can be used for a long time, in a high-intensity working environment. In addition, the comfortable design of the gloves allows workers to maintain hand flexibility and accuracy while performing delicate operations.
  2. Heavy equipment Operation and Maintenance industry:
    Heavy equipment operators and maintenance personnel often need to handle heavy parts, handle impactful tools, and perform high-intensity jobs. The anti-collision material of this glove can effectively absorb and disperse the impact force from the working environment, protecting the hand from squeezing and impact. The soft lining inside the glove provides good comfort and breathability, ensuring that workers remain comfortable when worn for long periods.
  3. Welding and Cutting industry:Mechanical work glove cutting job
    Welders and cutters face the threat of high temperatures, sparks, and splashes when working. Although the main emphasis is on cutting and collision resistance, the glove’s wear-resistant material and tight-fitting design also provide some protection against heat and splashes. However, for extremely high-temperature environments, an additional layer of thermal protection may be required. However, the comfort and flexibility of this glove make it a good choice for welding and cutting jobs that are not too extreme.
  4. Logistics and Warehousing Industry:
    In the logistics and warehousing industry, workers need to frequently move, load, and unload various heavy objects. The durability and impact resistance of the gloves protect the hands from wear and injury caused by repeated heavy lifting. At the same time, the glove’s grip enhancement design allows workers to grip items more firmly during handling, improving work efficiency and safety.Mechanical work gloves handling work

In summary, taking into account the protective performance, comfort, and durability of this Mechanical Work Glove and other factors, as well as the characteristics and needs of different industries, machinery manufacturing, and processing industries, heavy equipment operation and maintenance industries, logistics and warehousing and other related industries are the ideal application field of this glove. In these industries, it can provide effective hand protection while ensuring efficiency and safety at work.

Of course, this is not absolute, when you are engaged in the construction industry, logging industry, automobile maintenance, glass processing industry, etc., when you are operating or handling heavy equipment, cutting equipment, and other work that is easy to cause hand injury, you can choose this mechanical work glove.

If your need for TPR anti-impact function is not too strong, you can think about cut-resistant gloves, recommended: HPPE (Salt And Pepper) Cut 5 Shell PU Coated gloves With CE (CUT-201)

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