18 Gauge Nitrile Microfoam Anti-Cut Gloves(CUT-1201)

  1. Nitrile Microfoam Anti-Cut Gloves are made of 18 gauge nylon & HPPE & Glassfiber knitted liner, so they have excellent mechanical and friction properties.
  2. The thumb and index fingertips of the gloves are reinforced to increase the abrasion resistance of the gloves.
  3. Adopting the nitrile foam palm dip process, the gloves are soft, breathable, comfortable and flexible.
  4. Adopting nitrile, excellent oil resistance, heat resistance and tear resistance.


18 Gauge Nitrile Microfoam Anti-Cut Gloves(CUT-1201)

Advantages of the Nitrile Microfoam Anti-Cut Gloves:

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  • This product is made of an 18-gauge knitted lining, which makes the gloves thinner and more flexible to use under the premise of guaranteeing cut-proof performance.
  • Nitrile foam palm dip, under the premise of ensuring the breathability of the gloves, makes the gloves more comfortable and lightweight to wear.
  • Nitrile rubber, so that the gloves have better oil resistance, heat resistance and tear resistance.
  • Enhanced protection for the tiger’s cuff area. Tiger’s cuff is the key part of glove wearing, and it is also the most easy to wear. These gloves are thickened to increase the durability of the tiger’s mouth area and ensure that they are not easy to break with prolonged wear.

Nitrile Microfoam Anti-Cut Gloves Purchasing instructions:

Material Liner:  HPPE    Coating: Nitrile MicroFoam Palm Dip
Performance Level ANSI EN388
Size 7(S)-11(XXL)
Normal Package 12 pairs /polybag, 120pairs/carton
Application For construction, mechanics, Automotive assembly, Forest, Agricultural, Craft, Oil & gas, Metal processing, etc.
MOQ 500 dozens (1dozen=12pairs)
Logo ink print, silk print, heat transfer print(The LOGO can be customized)
Characteristics Cut-resistant, abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant, oil-resistant.
Remarks 1. Customized color is accepted       2. More cut levels and higher Ansi levels are acceptable

Application of Nitrile Microfoam Anti-Cut Gloves:

When you are engaged in these industries, you can consider this glove when comparing the flexibility requirements of the hand.Application Scenarios

  • In the construction industry, workers often come into contact with sharp tools and materials, such as rebar, glass, etc., and their hands are easily cut, these gloves can provide construction workers with comprehensive cut protection, while not affecting the dexterity of the hand and comfort, to help them complete their work safely and smoothly.
  • In the machinery industry, operators need to frequently come into contact with a variety of mechanical equipment and operating tools, such as cutting machines, grinding machines, etc. The cut-resistant performance of these gloves can effectively protect the operator’s hands from accidental cuts and abrasions.
  • In the automobile assembly line, workers need to assemble a variety of parts, such as glass, metal, screws, etc., hand operation requires a relatively high degree of dexterity, otherwise, the hand is easy to be injured This glove can provide a good grip and dexterity, and at the same time to protect the worker’s hand from cuts and abrasions.
  • In the field of forestry and agriculture, operators often need to contact with sharp tools and plants, such as scythes, straw, various knives and saws. These gloves provide effective cut protection for operators, ensuring that they can do their jobs safely.
  • In the oil and gas and metal processing industries, workers often come into contact with metal products, perform maintenance operations on large machinery and equipment, or use some metal cutting equipment, and their hands are prone to mechanical injuries. The cut-resistant performance and durability of these gloves can provide reliable protection for workers.

All in all, the 18 Gauge Nitrile Microfoam Anti-Cut Gloves meet the hand protection requirements of many industries with its unique design of nitrile ultra-fine foam palm dip and tiger reinforcement. Whether you’re on a construction site, machine shop, automotive assembly line, forestry area, farmland or crafting or metalworking site, these gloves will provide you with superior protection and comfort. Choose the 18 Gauge Nitrile Microfoam Anti-Cut Gloves and let safety and comfort always accompany your every move!

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