15 Gauge HPPE Fiber Nitrile Micro Foam Crotch Protect Maxi Cut Gloves(CUT-801)

Product Feature:

Liner HPPE combined with PE silk, Nylon, Acrylic, and Fiberglass provides a glove cut level of 5, suitable for most of the high-cut risk conditions.

Nitrile foam coating can be oil-resistant and water-resistant. and high breathability performance. Thumb coated to supply more protection to hands. For a cut-resistant glove, the abrasion and tear performance all can arrive at level 4.


Cut-801-DATA-SHEET.pdf (789 downloads)



√ Cut level 5

√ High flexible performance

√ Thinner and soft feeling

√ Keep a good grip on both the wet and dry work conditions

√ Good breathability

Material Liner:  HPPE    Coating: Nitrile Micro Foam
Performance Level  EN388 4X43C ( D E F)  Ansi 3 (Ansi 4 5 6 )
Size 7(S)-11(XXL)
Normal Package 12 pairs /polybag, 120pairs/carton
Application Auto repair, Tools, Logistic, Construction, Glass industry, Mechanical operation, Hardware, Security and so on
MOQ 500 dozens (1dozen=12pairs)
Logo ink print, silk print, heat transfer print
Remarks 1. Customized color is accepted       2. More cut levels and higher Ansi levels are acceptable



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