Foam Work Glove

Dipped gloves are formed by impregnating a textile glove with a natural latex, a synthetic latex or the like to form a rubber layer, which serves as a hand protection.

Foaming gloves generally include both nitrile foaming and latex foaming.

Nitrile is a kind of polar rubber. The nitrile rubber formed after curing has excellent water resistance, oil resistance and wear resistance, so it is widely used in the preparation of gloves and the like. In order to further improve the gas permeability, softness and wearing comfort of the nitrile glove, the nitrile rubber is made into a foaming glue, the knitted glove embryo is impregnated with the foaming glue, and then vulcanized and dried to form a nitrile foam rubber gloves. Nitrile foaming includes various forms such as conventional foaming, pseudo foaming, and ultrafine foaming.

Latex foaming gloves, the rubberized surface of the foaming gloves is like a delicate sponge. Compared with the wrinkled gloves, the rubber surface is softer and more delicate. Another difference from creping gloves is that the foamed gloves not only have breathability in the glove liner. but also have good breathability on the rubber surface of the glove. During use, the palm can be kept flexible, breathable, dry and refreshed, thus improving the sweltering and sweating of the palm.

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