Anti-impact and Anti-vibration gloves (TPR-401)

  • Anti-impact and Anti-vibration gloves are made of 10 gauge 5 yarn polyester knit glove lining, which is comfortable to wear.
  • The palm is made of foam rubber, which can effectively reduce hand shock and is also anti-slip, anti-abrasion and anti-puncture.
  • Heavy-duty TPR on fingers, thumb and back of hand prevents effective impact.
  • Reinforced treatment between thumb and index finger to improve abrasion resistance.
  • Wide range of applications.


Anti-impact and Anti-vibration glove (TPR-401)

Purchasing Instructions of Anti-impact and Anti-vibration gloves:

Material Liner-Ten gauge Polyester,    Foam Rubber And TPR Palm Coated
Performance Level EN388: 4142BP
Size 7(S)-11(XXL)
Normal Package 12 pairs /polybag, 120pairs/carton
Application Mining, automobile manufacturing, construction, forestry and logging, metalworking manufacturing, etc.
MOQ 500 dozens (1dozen=12pairs)
Logo The LOGO can be customized.
Characteristics Anti-vibration, Anti-collision, Non-slip, Wear-resistant
Remarks Customized colour is accepted, and Design can be customized.

product details:

1. Palm anti-slip shock-absorbing performance is good, palm rubber foam design to make the hand anti-slip performance better, the hand grip more firmly, grip more tightly, improve work efficiency under the premise of more safety.

2. The back of the hand and fingers are designed with anti-collision TPR to protect your hands from accidental bumps and bruises.
3.  The palm is like adding anti-shock protection pads, anti-shock, shock-absorbing, and anti-slip, protect the palm, at the same time, these gloves grip tightly, grip firmly, safely and flexibly.
4. Reinforcement in the weakest part of the glove increases the life of the glove.
5. The gloves are made with elastic knit cuffs, which makes the gloves themselves fit the hand better, soft and comfortable, breathable and sweat-absorbent.

Why use these gloves?

  1. Anti-vibration gloves effectively absorb and dissipate some of the vibrations emitted by pneumatic and impact tools, helping to reduce hand, arm and shoulder fatigue. Ideal for use with vibrating tools such as sanders, chisel hammers, jackhammers, chain saws, grinders and trimmers.
  2. The anti-vibration gloves are made of rubber foam in the palm and TPR vibration-dampening protection on the back of the hand. So the anti-shock, anti-vibration performance is excellent, at the same time between the thumb and forefinger using rubber patch enhancement, increasing the wear resistance of the gloves;
  3. The use of these gloves can effectively reduce the occurrence of hand injuries, more convenient to operate tools, and effectively reduce hand fatigue caused by vibration while enhancing safety;
  4. Suitable for power tool operation, hand tool operation and other frequent vibration environments.

Application of Anti-impact and Anti-vibration glove:

working environment

Consider these gloves when you use these power tools or work in related trades.

  • Mining: Miners often need to use tools such as drills, hammers and shovels to excavate ores and rocks during the mining process, and their hands come into more contact with power tools and rocks. And these tools will also produce strong vibration and impact, causing great damage to the miner’s hands. These gloves can effectively reduce the vibration and impact on the hands, provide extra protection and reduce the risk of hand injury.
  • Automotive Manufacturing: In the automotive manufacturing industry, workers need to operate various tools and machines, such as cutters, welders, grinders, etc. These tools generate a lot of noise, vibration and dust, which can cause a lot of injuries to workers’ hands. These gloves can effectively provide hand protection and improve work efficiency and safety.
  • Construction: Construction workers need to frequently operate heavy machinery and tools during the construction process, such as electric hammers, electric impact drills, hand saws, etc. These tools produce strong vibration and shock, which can cause injuries to workers’ hands. Wearing anti-vibration gloves can effectively reduce the vibration and impact on the hands and reduce the risk of hand injuries.
  • Forestry and logging industry: Forestry workers need to use axes, saws and other tools in the process of logging and carrying timber, which can produce strong hand impacts and cause great injuries to workers.
  • Metal processing manufacturing industry: in the metal processing manufacturing industry, workers need to operate a variety of cutting machines sanding machines and other tools, to effectively reduce hand injuries, this glove can be used.

For more information about anti-vibration gloves, you can click on the link here.

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