Construction Gloves from EVERPRO
  1. Features: wear resistance, tear resistance, cutting resistance, impact resistance, shock resistance, and other performance.
  2. Comfort, variety, and trademark customization.
  3. Custom services, whether they are color, size, or specific functional requirements, can be customized.
  4. Strict quality control and fast delivery.
  5. Cost-effective construction gloves are available at reasonable prices.

Construction Gloves

Construction work gloves from Everpro Safety are suitable for different construction works. We offer our construction work gloves in bulk. Our construction work gloves are high-performance levels on abrasion, tear, cut, and puncture. Also, some types can be impact-resistant according to different work applications. For our construction work gloves, the material can be cotton, poly-cotton, polyester, nylon, and HPPE for the liner, and latex, nitrile, PU, and PVC for coating. Customers can choose any construction work glove they want.

Everpro Safety Construction Gloves: Your Hand Guards

If you need construction work gloves, please feel free to contact us. We provide high quality, safety standard products and professional services. We value your safety and health and look forward to working with you to create a safe and comfortable working environment.

EVERPRO SAFETY–China’s Leading Work Gloves Supplier

Everpro Safety is a China-based manufacturer dedicated to providing high-quality work gloves for a wide range of construction projects. Our construction gloves not only have excellent performance in abrasion resistance, tear resistance, cut resistance, and puncture resistance but also have functional treatments such as impact resistance and shock resistance according to different working environments.

About the material and performance:

Our construction work gloves are lined with various materials such as cotton, polycotton, polyester, nylon, and HPPE, and coated with latex, nitrile, PU, and PVC to achieve excellent performance of abrasion resistance, water resistance, cut resistance, and chemical resistance, which provide your hands with comfortable choices to meet the needs of different construction work environments.

Type of construction work
No matter what kind of construction work you do, EVERPRO SAFETY has a glove for you.

In addition to this, we have an in-depth understanding of the types of work in the construction industry, such as concrete construction, façade maintenance, steel reinforcement, pipe welding, painting, building renovation, stone masonry, flooring, masonry, and scaffolding, to name a few. For these specific jobs, we offer specialized construction glove recommendations to ensure that every worker receives the best possible hand protection.

About Everpro Safety:

For a long time, we have been constantly updating and perfecting the performance of these work gloves in terms of abrasion resistance, smash resistance and shock resistance, cut resistance, and water resistance, not only to provide adequate protection but also to make you feel the maximum comfort. In our constant pursuit of superior performance, we do not forget the importance of comfort. We continue to improve and optimize the design of our work gloves so that every user can feel the best wearing experience.

As a China work gloves manufacturer, Everpro Safety not only offers wholesale services but also accepts small customized orders. Our minimum order quantity is flexible, ranging from 1,000 pairs to 12,000 pairs, and we support the customization of colors and styles. In addition, we can also print logos to enhance brand image according to customers’ specific needs.

If you are interested in our products, if you are still looking for other products, or if there is nothing you need on the list, please contact us quickly. We will assist you in choosing the right gloves or making customized gloves. Meanwhile, we would like to hear your opinion welcome to contact us for free samples. Let’s keep you and your team’s hands safe and help every construction project go smoothly.

Construction work gloves recommended:

Common Problems with Construction Gloves

  1. Unsuitable size: the size of gloves is too big or too small, which affects the dexterity and maneuverability of the hand, and may also lead to glove detachment or abrasion.
  2. Unsuitable material: the material of gloves does not match the working environment, for example, when working under high temperature, humidity, or chemical contamination, the gloves can not provide sufficient protection.
  3. Breakage and wear: due to long time use and repeated labor, the gloves may be broken and worn out, losing the original protective performance.
  4. Wearing irregularities: Workers sometimes fail to wear gloves correctly due to operational inconvenience or carelessness, resulting in ineffective protection of the hands.
  5. Failure to comply with safety standards: Some construction gloves may not meet the relevant safety standards and regulations, and cannot provide proper protection.
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