Kids Play Work Gloves(KG-103)

  1. Variety of styles: A variety of styles are available to meet different personalities and needs, and can be customized.
  2. Lightweight and breathable material: Polyester and other lightweight materials are used to ensure that the kids play work gloves are lightweight, comfortable, and breathable, without irritating the skin.
  3. High elasticity and fit: The lining and cuff are made of high elasticity material to ensure that the gloves fit the hand and are not easy to slip off, comfortable to wear.
  4. Non-slip design: latex foam palm enhances grip, is non-slip and wear-resistant, breathable.
  5. Abrasion resistant: Latex coating and polyester material provide excellent abrasion resistance, prolonging the life of gloves.
  6. Waterproof performance: Latex coating provides a good waterproof effect and protects dry hands.
  7. Cartoon pattern design: The creative cartoon pattern is cute and interesting, attracting children’s attention, cartoon patterns can be customized.


Kids Play Work Gloves(KG-103)

Purchasing Instructions:

Material Polyester/Nylon   Latex / Nitrile  PINK
Performance Level EN388 3121X
Size 2-6
Normal Package 12pairs /polybag, 120pairs/carton
Application Campus labor, Outdoor sports, Orchard picking, Family routine, Beach catching, and Pet playing.
MOQ 500 dozens (1dozen=12pairs)
Logo ink print, silk print, heat transfer print
Characteristics Super soft feeling, Thin, Breathable, Wear-resistant, Non-slip
Remarks Color, logo, pattern, etc. can be customized.

Usage Scenarios:

Kids play work gloves are used in a wide range of scenarios, here are some common ones:

  1. Kids play work gloves application Cold weather: Kids play work gloves are a must-have to keep them warm in winter or cold weather. They can protect children’s hands from cold air and prevent frostbite or other discomforts when performing labor or other activities outdoors.
  2.  Outdoor sports: Kids’ work gloves are also one of the essential equipment when playing outdoor sports. During outdoor activities such as hiking, riding, skiing, skating, picking, etc., Kids’ work gloves can protect children’s hands from wind chill, friction, and impact.
  3. School activities: In various outdoor activities at school, such as gardening, physical education classes, etc., kids’ work gloves can protect children’s hands from injuries, and at the same time prevent their hands from getting dirty.
  4. Daily life at home: Kids’ play work gloves can also be used to protect children’s hands in daily life. For example, when doing housework, touching flower pots, tools, or other objects, gloves can prevent children’s hands from being irritated and hurt.

In short, Kids play work gloves can be used in a wide range of scenarios to provide effective protection and warmth for children’s hands, whether in cold weather, outdoor sports, school activities, family routines, and so on. At the same time, it is also very important to choose the right style and size of gloves to ensure the comfort and safety of your child’s wear.

How to choose kids play work gloves?

When choosing kids play work gloves, you need to consider the following key factors:

  1. Material: the material of the gloves should be soft, comfortable, and durable. Common materials include cotton, polyester, and nylon. For jobs with special needs, such as waterproof or puncture-resistant, choose gloves with appropriate coatings or special treatments.
  2. Size: Choosing gloves that are the right size for a child’s hand ensures that the glove will fit snugly on the hand and is neither too large to slip off nor too small to feel constricting. Sizes that are too large may affect the protective properties of the glove, while sizes that are too small may limit dexterity.
  3. Protective properties: Select kids play work gloves with protective properties appropriate to the specific job requirements of the child. For example, for gardening, choose gloves that are cut and puncture-resistant; for outdoor activities, choose gloves that are non-slip and abrasion-resistant.
  4. Flexibility: Kids’ work gloves should have a certain degree of flexibility so that children can carry out hand activities freely. Gloves that are too thick or stiff may limit hand dexterity and affect work efficiency.
  5. Breathability: Good breathability can keep the hands dry and comfortable and prevent discomfort caused by excessive hand sweating. Therefore, when choosing gloves, you can focus on their breathability.
  6. Safety: Ensure that the gloves do not have sharp edges or protruding threads to avoid scratching the skin of children’s hands during wear. In addition, you should also check whether the stitching of the gloves is firm to avoid unraveling during use.
  7. Design and color: Choosing gloves with cute designs or bright colors can increase children’s enjoyment of the gloves and their willingness to wear them.

To summarize, when choosing kids work gloves, comprehensive consideration should be given to factors such as material, size, protective performance, flexibility, breathability, safety, and design, to provide children with hand protection products that are both safe and comfortable.

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