TPE kids Protective Gloves(KG-104)

  1. Safe and environmentally friendly material: TPE kids Protective Gloves are made of TPE thermoplastic elastomer, which is non-toxic, odorless, and conforms to food-grade standards to ensure the safety of children’s use; at the same time, the TPE material is environmentally friendly and recyclable, which reduces environmental pollution.
  2. Comprehensive protection design: The palm, five fingers, and back of the kids protective gloves are rubberized to provide all-around hand protection; thickened and wear-resistant design, effectively resisting puncture and abrasion, protecting children’s hands from accidental injuries.
  3. Comfortable hand experience: Spandex high elasticity glove core and ergonomic joint pattern design combine to ensure that the gloves closely fit the contours of the hand, providing a comfortable and free wearing experience; at the same time, breathable heat dissipation design to reduce the feeling of hand stuffiness.
  4. Personalization and customization: a variety of colors and sizes are available to meet different children’s preferences and needs; customized appearance and non-slip texture design to increase product personalization and practicality.
  5. Widely applicable scenes: suitable for family labor, gardening activities, pet interaction, handmade and other scenes; also can be used in indoor and outdoor sports and recreational activities, to provide children with comprehensive hand protection.


TPE Kids Protective Gloves(KG-104)

Introduction to Purchasing:

Material Polyester/Nylon     TPE
Performance Level EN388 3121X
Size 2-6
Normal Package 12pairs /polybag, 120pairs/carton
Application Campus labor, Outdoor sports, Orchard picking, Family routine, Beach catching, and Pet playing.
MOQ 500 dozens (1dozen=12pairs)
Logo ink print, silk print, heat transfer print
Characteristics Thickened and wear-resistant, Non-slip, and breathable.
Remarks Color, logo, pattern, etc. can be customized.


TPE kids protective gloves are a kind of gloves made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material, specially designed for children.TPE material has excellent elasticity and flexibility, which enables the gloves to fit children’s hands closely, providing good dexterity and tactile sensation.

These kids’ work gloves usually have the following characteristics:

  • Safety: TPE material is non-toxic and odorless, in line with relevant safety standards, friendly to children’s skin, and will not cause allergies or irritation.
  • Comfort: The kids’ work gloves are made of soft and thin TPE material, which is light and comfortable to wear and will not put pressure on children’s hands.
  • Non-slip: The surface of gloves is usually designed with non-slip textures or particles to increase friction and prevent children from slipping when grasping objects.
  • Easy to clean: TPE material is easy to clean and stains can be easily removed with water or mild detergent.

TPE kids protective gloves are suitable for many occasions, such as outdoor activities, playing, doing housework, etc. They can protect children’s hands from injuries while providing enough dexterity and tactility to allow children to perform various activities freely. When choosing gloves, it is recommended to choose the right size and style according to children’s age, hand size, and needs.


TPE kids protective gloves are suitable for use on a variety of occasions. Due to the excellent elasticity and flexibility of the TPE material, the gloves can closely fit children’s hands and provide good dexterity and tactility, making them very suitable for children’s activities that require hand protection.

TPE kids protective gloves have a wide range of applications, mainly including the following areas:

  1. Household labor and gardening: When children are involved in household labor such as cleaning and tidying up the room, or in gardening activities such as pruning flowers and plants, picking fruits, and other scenarios, these kids’ work gloves can provide good protection for their hands to avoid injuries.
  2. Pet keeping and interaction: When interacting with small pets such as hamsters, parrots, turtles, etc., these gloves can prevent children from being scratched or bitten by the pets, so that children can enjoy the fun of playing with pets with more peace of mind. However, please note that these gloves are not suitable for interacting with large and medium-sized pets such as cats, dogs, or aggressive pets.
  3. Handicrafts and Creative Activities: When children are engaged in handicrafts or creative activities such as painting, clay modeling, sculpting, etc., these kids’ work gloves can protect their hands from contamination and injuries caused by paint, clay, and other materials without affecting the dexterity and tactility of their hands.
  4. Indoor and outdoor sports and recreation: During indoor and outdoor sports or recreational activities such as biking, climbing, sliding, etc., these kids’ work gloves can provide additional protection for children’s hands to prevent hand injuries in case of falls or collisions.

In conclusion, TPE kids protective gloves have a wide range of applications, whether, in the home, school, or outdoor activities, they can provide comprehensive protection and safeguard children’s hands.

Kids Work Protection Gloves

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