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The nitrile coated glove is a glove made of synthetic rubber. The main components of nitrile are acrylonitrile and butadiene.

The nitrile rubber and the knitted liner are mixed together to form a nitrile coated coating glove.

▋Nitrile Coated Gloves

  • Nitrile has good physical properties, good tear resistance, puncture resistance and anti-slip. Excellent chemical resistance, certain pH resistance; Good chemical protection for corrosive substances such as solvents and petroleum; The degradation time is short, easy to handle, and environmentally friendly. These features make nitrile gloves a very popular work glove.
  • Compared with latex, nitrile has the disadvantage of poor elasticity, and its advantages are oil resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and acid, and alkali resistance.
  • Nitrile coated gloves are widely used in petrochemical, paint printing, farming and animal husbandry, automotive, mechanical cleaning and maintenance of building materials, hardware tools, metallurgy and minerals, and other industries.

▋Nitrile Coated Gloves Manufacture

What’s different kind nitrile coated gloves including?

  • According to the nitrile surface process, including smooth nitrile, sandy nitrile coated glove, foam nitrile work glove, double layer nitrile safety glove, and so on.
  • According to the liner material, nitrile coated glove including polyester liner, nylon liner, nylon with spandex liner, cotton jersey liner, cotton interlock liner, HPPE liner and so on.
  • According to the coated position, including palm coated nitrile work glove, half coated nitrile coated work glove, full coated nitrile work glove, double layer nitrile coated gloves.

The details for the different nitrile coated gloves introduce:

1) Palm nitrile coated work glove

For nitrile palm coated work gloves, nitrile rubber does not have any surface treatment. It is characterized by excellent wear resistance, light and sensitive, oil stain resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent chemical resistance.

Nitrile coated glove can be coated on different liners. Here we introduce some popular design:

13 gauge polyester or nylon with firm grip nitrile coated work glove, this is the most common design all over the world. As its good feeling and reasonable price, these gloves are a good function of resistance to abrasion. The liner can use nylon instead of polyester, nylon has a longer lifetime and soft than polyester. Also, the liner can use the 15 gauge polyester or nylon, 15 gauge liner is thicker than the 13 gauge liner, which makes the glove more comfortable.

U3 style polyester or nylon liner, which provide more anti slip function for the nitrile work gloves.

U3 polyester nitrile

Cotton interlock brushed liner. After the brushed surface, the surface has a rich and fluffy cotton fabric, which is soft, supply comfortable feeling and good warmth function. In the market, cotton interlock liner usually sewing with safety cuff or knitting cuff. This kind glove we also call them heavy duty work gloves .

According to the coated position, latex glove can be palm coated, half coated, and fully coated.

2) Sandy nitrile coated work gloves

Sandy nitrile dipped glove, which means after the nitrile cover a layer of salt which makes the nitrile layer have the tiny hole before dry and then washed by water off the salt. With this particular process, the glove will be super breathability and anti-slip, also will supply a high flexible feeling.

Sandy latex coated glove can be coated with different liners, different gauge polyester, nylon, nylon with spandex. For 15 gauge nylon with spandex liner nitrile coated work glove. Nylon, which makes the liner longer lifetime and breathability, and the spandex, which add the elasticity of the glove. The nylon and spandex liner usually used in the high-grade work glove.

According to the coated position, sandy nitrile coated glove can be palm coated, half coated, fully coated and also the 2nd layer together with the half or fully nitrile sandy coated gloves.

3) Foam nitrile coated work gloves

Foam nitrile coated glove. Physical foaming, which means the glove liner dipped in the nitrile which is after the foaming process. With the foam latex, the gloves will be soft and flexible, which makes the worker more comfortable. Now we have 2 kinds of main kinds form nitrile.

One is Micro-fine foam, which means after the nitrile foam, will be washed by water. This glove is silicone free, which is more breathable than earlier formulations – for cooler, drier hands and less sweat. This kind glove now is very popular all over the world, and we have got the new EU about this kind glove issued by Intertek in the year 2019. The most famous PPE brand in the world all sell this kind glove hot now. Also, this glove is certified as skin friendly by the Oeko-Tex® testing & certification system.

Another kind nitrile foam is nitrile lunar foam safety glove, which provides the perfect balance between comfort, dexterity, and protection. This glove is certified as skin friendly by the Oeko-Tex® testing & certification system also. The liner is the nylon and spandex, which is well-suited for slightly oily or dirty environments helping to improve lifetime, as well as super suitable to precision assembly and general handling work.

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