Anti-vibration Work Gloves(AV-101)

Features of these anti-vibration work gloves:

  1. Efficient Shock Absorption: The palm is made of rubberized foam palm, effectively absorbing and dispersing vibration shocks and reducing the risk of hand vibration syndrome.
  2. Ergonomic design: the thumb and index finger are optimized to fit the hand’s natural grip, comfortable to wear, and flexible to operate.
  3. Multi-functional protection: these gloves are equipped with multiple protective properties such as anti-shock, anti-slip, wear-resistant, anti-puncture, etc., all-around protection of hand safety.
  4. Strong durability: The black polyester glove core is wear-resistant and wrinkle-resistant, with stable performance in long-term use, reducing replacement frequency.


Anti-vibration Work Gloves(AV-101)

Purchasing Instructions:

Material Liner-polyester,    Foam Rubber palm-coated
Performance Level EN388: 3131XP
Size 7(S)-11(XXL)
Normal Package 12 pairs /polybag, 120pairs/carton
Application Mining, Automobile manufacturing, Road construction, Forestry, Logging and Felling.
MOQ 500 dozens (1dozen=12pairs)
Logo Heat transfer print (The LOGO can be customized).
Characteristics Anti-vibration, Non-slip, Wear-resistant
Remarks Customized color is accepted(Palm ColorBlack/Orange/Green, Shell Color: Black/Orange/Yellow ), and Design can be customized.


In today’s heavy industry, workers are exposed to a wide range of serious hand injuries, from strong vibration shocks to the potential threat of sharp objects. However, with these well-designed anti-vibration work gloves, workers can face these challenges with peace of mind.

With its unique shock-absorbing palm design, ergonomic grip, and excellent anti-slip, wear, puncture, and other functions, it has become an indispensable personal protective equipment in mining, car manufacturing, road construction, forestry, and many other fields. It can not only effectively reduce the vibration of the hand injury, and reduce long-term health risks, but also significantly improve work efficiency and operational safety. No matter how harsh the working environment is, the anti-vibration work gloves are a solid support for workers’ hand protection.

To choose anti-vibration work gloves that suit you, you first need to understand your working environment and the tools you use:

To choose a shock-proof work glove that suits you, you first need to understand your working environment and the tools you use.


  • In the mining industry, workers are often required to operate heavy equipment and tools, which can produce strong vibration. The anti-vibration work gloves’ special rubber foam palm absorbs these vibrations effectively, reducing the impact on workers’ hands, thereby reducing hand fatigue and long-term health risks.
  • The anti-skid design of the gloves also ensures that the workers can firmly grasp the tools in the wet or greasy mine to improve work efficiency.

Making cars:

  • In the process of automobile manufacturing, it is inevitable to use all kinds of electric tools (such as drills, grinders, etc.), the vibration produced by these tools will harm the hand. Anti-vibration work gloves reduce the impact of this vibration on the hand through their shock-absorbing palms.
  • The wear resistance of gloves enables them to protect workers’ hands from being scratched or worn in contact with sharp or rough automotive parts.

Road construction:

  • Road construction involves a lot of manual labor, such as the use of picks, hammers, and so on. The repeated impact of these activities can be mitigated by the shock absorption function of the gloves.
  • Slip and puncture resistance are also important in road construction because they protect workers from accidental slips and sharp objects.

Forestry, logging, moving, and felling:

  • In forestry work, especially logging and moving timber, the hand is subjected to strong vibrations from chainsaws and other cutting tools. Anti-vibration work gloves can significantly reduce this vibration and reduce the risk of hand numbness and injury.
  • Wear resistance and puncture-resistant gloves are essential to prevent injury by branches or wood thorns.

Use riveting, grinding, cutting, and polishing tools:

  • These fine hand tools require excellent hand dexterity and sensitivity. The ergonomic design of the gloves ensures the flexibility of the thumb and index finger, allowing precise control of the tool.
  • At the same time, the shock absorption function of the gloves reduces the hand fatigue and injury that may be caused by using these tools for a long time.

To sum up, through its unique shock-absorbing palm design, ergonomic handle and anti-slip, wear-resistant, anti-puncture, and other functions, comprehensive hand protection for workers in several heavy industry areas. It can not only reduce vibration damage to the hand but also improve work efficiency and safety, is an indispensable personal protective equipment in these industries.

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