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1) 13/15 Gauge Foam Latex Coated Glove (PT-L301)

This 13/15 gauge gloves are made from a combination of polyester and nylon but with a crinkle coating. It is comfortable and great for a variety of applications including wood working, metal working, gardening, construction and agriculture. It is recommended for people who are looking for anti-slip gloves that are comfortable to wear but will not break the bank.


  1. These gloves are very comfortable and do not restrict hand movements. The fit is perfect as well. They are also breathable enough to be worn on warm summer days.
  2. You don’t have to take off your gloves if you want to answer your phone. You don’t have to buy those pricey phone gloves out there.
  3. These are quite durable and can withstand a lot of heavy use. Even after weeks of beating, the latex coating remains intact.


  1. It might require a bit of airing out because of the initial chemical smell.
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2) 10 Gauge Latex Work Glove (HG-L101)

These soft gloves are fitting for a variety of applications and are available in sizes S to XXL. They are soft and flexible and are built to last for a long time. With their anti-slip properties, you can use these safely.


  1. These latex gloves are very grippy. You can use them to lift objects with a smooth surface without worrying about slipping.
  2. You can enjoy using these gloves for a long time because they are quite durable. They are resistant to abrasion and the do not tear easily.
  3. They are easy to clean. You can just wash them and then let them air dry. They don’t easily fray or rip apart.
  4. You will like how comfortable these are to use. They also have an insulation effect, so they are great for working outdoors on cold days.


  1. These latex gloves might require some breaking in. They are initially on the stiff side but as you get more wear from them, they do soften up.
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3) 13/15 Gauge Latex Coated Work Glove (PT-L1201)

These are polyester and nylon gloves that are made more breathable than your average work gloves. These are incredibly soft to use and are breathable, perfect for outdoor work activities like gardening and agriculture.


  1. The breathable and cooling technology of these gloves are unmatched. You can wear them for hours and not suffer from sweaty palms and pruned-up fingers.
  2. These are easy to wear. They do not feel too heavy and they offer a good level of grip and hand dexterity.
  3. These gloves seem to last for a long time as well, even when exposed to a lot of rough work.
  4. The waterproofing benefits you can get from this is excellent. Your hands are protected until beyond the wrists.


  1. They are not that easy to put on at first. There is some resistance but once you break them in, they fit effortlessly.
  2. The inside can get a little smelly.
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4) Thumb Coated For Cold Outdoor Work Glove (WT-L101)

For various intents and purposes, these double-lined gloves are perfect for your needs. These gloves are made from acrylic, latex and polyester materials. They are perfect for outdoor usage during cold winter days because of the warmth they provide. These gloves are also completely water and oil proof.


  1. They truly provide good insulation. Your hands won’t freeze when you work outdoors in the freezing weather.
  2. These gloves can take some rain. They are moisture-resistant, so you can wear them outdoors come rain or shine.
  3. These are quite comfortable to use. You can perform more intricate hand tasks without the gloves impeding your movements.
  4. You will like the grip of these gloves. It is also easy to pick things up on the ground, even when you are picking small objects like pencils.


  1. These gloves could use a bit more ventilation because the hands tend to get sweaty in them
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5) 13/15 Gauge Sandy Latex Glove (PT-L401)

If you are on the lookout for reliable work gloves, try these. These are 13/15 gauge gloves made from polyester. These gloves have superior breathability and anti-slip surface, so they are perfect for different uses like industrial, gardening, agriculture, automotive repair and many more.


  1. Choose the neon green color if you want your gloves to stand out from the rest. It is easy to spot amidst your other work materials.  It is also easier to see at night since it has a reflective color.
  2. The grip is textured. It does provide a good level of surface traction, so you can pick up things confidently and not worry that they will slip.
  3. These gloves have an ergonomic fit. They are comfortable to wear even when wearing them for hours.


  1. If you need the gloves for more rigorous work, you might want to look elsewhere. These gloves are reliable but might not be as durable as the others.
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6) 7/10 Gauge Winter Latex Work Glove (WT-L301) 

Lined with 7/10 gauge of acrylic loop napping and with a latex coating, these are some reliable gloves that are more fitting for the cold climate. These gloves promise excellent comfort and warmth as well as superior anti-slip functionality.


  1. These gloves are truly warm. If you have to work out in the cold for hours, you need these gloves to prevent frostbite. They keep your hands comfortably warm while using them.
  2. You can still handle delicate stuff with these gloves. The surface material is quite grippy. You can grab anything you want, even small objects without any issues.
  3. Even when used heavily, these are quite resistant to damages. They are easy to maintain as well. You can simply wash them after using them.
  4. You don’t have to remove your gloves to use your phone.


  1. Because they are super warm, they can make your hands sweaty. This can also make your hands smell after using them.
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7) 10 Gauge Latex Coated Glove (TC-L201)

What makes these gloves different from the others is that it is made from recycled cotton. And because the materials are recycled, these gloves are less expensive, great for wholesale use.


  1. You will find these gloves some of the most ergonomic ones out there. They fit well and they do not impede hand movements, so you can work optimally while wearing them.
  2. These are also quite breathable. If you need gloves to use for hours at a time, these should be ideal options. There is also no hand fatigue while using these gloves.
  3. You can handle a variety of materials that have a slippery surface such as glass and metal.


  1. These gloves might not withstand extremely heavy usage.
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Types of Latex Coated Gloves

According to the type of the latex surface itself and thus the manufacturing process, latex coated gloves can have crinkle latex surface, sandy, foamy, or a smooth one.

When it comes to choices, you will be also available to choose the lining material of the gloves itself. Choose whatever feels best on your skin.

Common options are cotton, polycotton, polyester, nylon, or acrylic lining. All of these materials can be woven into different glove shells with different properties such as machine knit (form-fitting and seamless, jersey (economical and comforting), and canvas (resilient and tough).

Lastly, when choosing the appropriate pair of latex coated gloves you can also choose the coverage option (to which extend the gloves are coated).

Usually, they can be fully coated (protecting the entire hand), palm coated (covering the palm), fingertip coated (appropriate for handling small parts), and three-quarter coated (coating extending all the way to the backs of fingers allowing liquid resistance and coverage on the back of the hand).

The details for the different latex coated glove introduce :

1) Crinkle latex coated gloves

Taking a closer look into the palm surface of these type of gloves, you will notice a crinkled and uneven surface hence their name. With a specific chemical process which makes the latex crinkle, crinkle latex coated gloves are given a few vital properties which are the key to proper protection in some industries.

This type of gloves will not only have exceptional grip in dry conditions but also more importantly in wet conditions as well. Additionally, the crinkled surface equals increased resilience in terms of cuts and tears.

Most commonly, this particular type of gloves is used in rough construction industries and conditions when dealing with wood, stone, concrete blocks, scrap metals, and boxes. For reduce the chemical remain and good feeling, then latex gloves also can be washed before the package.

Crinkle latex glove can be coated on different liners. here we introduce some popular design :

  • 10 gauge 5 yarn polyester glove, this is the very common design in the market, which is suitable to medium or high -quality work, as this kind liner supply very comfortable touch feeling for all day
  • 13 gauge or 15 gauge polyester latex crinkle glove, this is the most popular in the market as it lightweight and cheap price, these gloves are a good function of resistance to puncture.  Also, the liner can use nylon instead of polyester, nylon has a longer lifetime and breathable than polyester, the same, the price also will be higher
  • 10 gauge 2 yarn polycotton, this is also a very common design in the market for its economic price (as polycotton is the recycled material. polycotton which means cotton and polyester mixed blending)  ), polycotton glove is the very comfortable glove that doesn’t compromise functionality. The glove is durable and puncture resistant.

According to the coated position, latex glove can be palm coated (also the most common one ), half coated, and fully coated.

2) Sandy latex coated gloves

The second type that we are about to explain are the sandy latex coated gloves. Hence of the gripping capabilities type is spectacular especially when it comes to working in wet or oily conditions. The sandy finish is achieved with a special procedure and salt-alike substance used in the manufacturing process.

Because of their extraordinary grip, this is the most regularly seen and used type of gloves. Furthermore, besides the gripping function, this type is quite comfortable, flexible, and allows the skin to breathe.

Sandy latex coated glove can be coated with different liners, different gauge polyester, nylon, as well as with the acrylic for winter. No matter with which kind gloves, the sandy latex glove all can supper the good feeling in your work.

According to the coated position, sandy latex glove can be palm coated (also the most common one ), half coated, thumb coated, and also as the 2nd layer latex together with the half or fully coated gloves.

3) Foam latex coated gloves

This type of glove is chosen when priorities are the flexibility, breathability, and ultimately the comfort of the person wearing it. The sponge foam latex coating provides not only light-weight and strong grip but also durability and resilience.

They are prone to tears and abrasions, which is the most important thing when it comes to protecting the hands from injuries. Hence of their ergonomics and comfort, they are commonly used during light engineering tasks and general handling.

The most advantage of the foam latex glove is they can keep flexible feeling even in the cold climate.

Foam latex coated glove can be coated with the different liners, different gauge polyester, the nylon, as well as with the acrylic for winter.

According to the coated position, foam latex glove can be palm coated (also the most common one ), half coated .

4) Smooth latex coated gloves

As the name itself says it, the texture seen and felt on these gloves is smooth. This texture is achieved without any special chemical processes. The lack of structure makes this type resistant to abrasion, perforation, and snags while at the same time providing you with excellent puncture resistance, flexible grip, and much-needed tactile sensitivity.

For the position, smooth coated glove most is palm coated.

Of course, there are many other types of latex coated gloves in the market. The above types are the most common in the market.

The latex coated glove produce process.

Compared with other coated glove material, what’re the characters of the latex coat glove

▋Why Choose Latex Coated Gloves?

Latex (natural rubber) hence of its nature has high elasticity which will allow you to have outstanding grip while working. This type of glove is in particular good for biohazard and inorganic chemicals protection such as alcohols and some ketones but lack the ability to resist organic solvents such as oils, grease, gasoline, and hydrocarbon derivatives. Additionally, this natural rubber is prone to extreme temperatures and to common tears.

Besides their durability, they are the first choice to many people in numerous industries (construction, maintenance, automotive industry, gardening, medicine, agriculture) hence of the reel second skin feel and high sensitivity when wearing them.