Super Grip Oil Roof Chemical Resistant PVC Coated Gloves(PVC107)

  • Super Grip Oil Roof Chemical Resistant PVC Coated Gloves(PVC107) lining can be selected from cotton, polyester, fleece, and cotton wool fabric materials to meet different seasonal needs and experiences.
  • The palm is made of PVC anti-slip particles to enhance the wear-resistant and anti-slip performance.
  •  Adopting high-quality PVC plastic as an outer layer, it has excellent abrasion resistance and long service life. Good abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and anti-chemical effect.
  • Cotton lining, comfortable to wear, not easy to fall off/slip off close to the wrist, flexible and convenient operation.
  • Excellent performance of anti-slip, waterproof, anti-oil, and chemical resistance.


Super Grip Oil Roof Chemical Resistant PVC Coated Gloves(PVC107)

Purchasing Instructions:

Material Liner- Cotton, Polyester, and Cotton wool fabrics, etc.     Coating-PVC Impregnation
Performance Level EN388  EN374  EN511
Size 9(L)-11(XXL), 27cm-60cm
Normal Package 12pair/polybag,72pairs/carton
Anti-slip wear resistance, Waterproof oil resistance, Weak acid and alkali resistance, Chemical resistance, etc
Application  Fish processing, Shipbuilding industry, Mechanical heavy industry, Cleaning services, Slaughtering work and Pipeline engineering, Oil & Chemical Industry, Construction, Aquaculture Processing Industry, Agriculture, etc.
MOQ 500 dozens (1dozen=12pairs)
Logo Ink print and logo can be customized.
 Orange, Customized colour is accepted.

Advantages of Super Grip Oil Roof Chemical Resistant PVC Coated Gloves(PVC107):

  1. High-quality dipped anti-slip gloves: made of high-quality materials, PVC dipped rubber wear-resistant and anti-slip, more durable, better protection for your hands.
  2.  The palm surface is made of PVC anti-slip particles: the particles on the palm surface are designed to be anti-slip, wear-resistant, and have better anti-slip performance. Enhance hand grip, strengthen palm resistance, and reduce hand force.
  3. Cotton lining design: the use of cotton lining, sweat absorption, breathable performance is excellent, not easy to stick to the hand, is more comfortable and durable, does not slip off, not tight.
  4. Lightweight, flexible, and comfortable: lightweight, sensitive, and close to the hand when using, can be applied to a variety of scenarios.

Application of Super Grip Oil Roof Chemical Resistant PVC Coated Gloves(PVC107):

  1. Super Grip Oil Roof Chemical Resistant PVC Coated Gloves(PVC107) are widely used in the fields of fishery processing, shipbuilding industry, mechanical heavy industry, cleaning service, slaughtering work, and G pipeline engineering as follows:
  1. Fishery processing: in the process of fishery processing, workers need to deal with a large number of seafood, shellfish, fish, etc., and the hand is easy to be corroded and stabbed and cut. These gloves can not only provide a certain degree of protection, but the anti-slip function better protects the hands from injury.
  2. Shipbuilding industry: in the shipbuilding industry, workers in the maintenance and operation process, need to contact a variety of tools and equipment, such as cutting machines, welding machines, wrenches, and oil equipment operation. These tools in the use of the process will produce sharp cutting and splash, or pollution substances, causing harm to the hands. Therefore, the a need for PVC-coated gloves for protection.
  3. Mechanical heavy industry: in the field of mechanical heavy industry, workers need to repair a variety of machinery and equipment, such as cranes, excavators, and so on. In the process of repairing this equipment, hands will not only contact a variety of oil (diesel, oil, gasoline, etc.) but will operate a variety of parts with oil. So wearing these gloves can prevent the hands of the parts easily slipping, while protecting the hands to avoid being corroded by oil substances, and pollution.
  4. Cleaning services: in the cleaning work, not only work in a wet environment, sometimes need to come into contact with some disinfectant and cleaning agents and other corrosive liquids. Super Grip Oil Roof Chemical Resistant PVC Coated Gloves(PVC107) can well avoid the damage brought by corrosive liquid because it has weak alkaline acid resistance.
  5. Slaughter work: in the slaughter work, often need to contact all kinds of animal blood, meat bones, etc., and operate a variety of knives, the hand is easy to be stabbed and cut, and difficult to clean. PVC-coated gloves can let you work more comfortably without easily making the meat or work tools slip from your hands and contaminate your hands.
  6. Pipeline engineering: in pipeline engineering, workers need to operate a variety of water conservancy equipment and facilities, pipelines, etc., such as pumps, gates, etc., and to operate a variety of work tools (wrenches, welding machines, impact drills, etc.). Super Grip Oil Roof Chemical Resistant PVC Coated Gloves(PVC107) can better allow you to hold the tools and have a certain waterproof performance, which in turn reduces the risk of hand injury.

Overall, Super Grip Oil Roof Chemical Resistant PVC Coated Gloves(PVC107) can provide a certain level of protection in all of the above industries, reducing the risk of hand injuries and improving work efficiency and safety. When choosing gloves, you need to make a selection based on factors such as your work requirements, hand size, and preference to ensure that you choose the most suitable gloves for you!

Warm tips:

  • Before wearing gloves, please trim your nails, nails too long or too sharp easily lead to glove breakage and damage to the fingers.
  • When removing the gloves, turn up the Super Grip Oil Roof Chemical Resistant PVC Coated Gloves at the wrist and remove them toward the fingers.
  • If you like the blue color, you can click here to take a look!
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