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You are looking for cut resistant glove, leather work gloves, construction work gloves, industrial gloves?

Here are Top 24 work glove manufacturers in USA for your reference. We also introduce the advantages of USA work glove companies and the types of safety gloves commonly used in the United States.




Here are the American work gloves, industrial gloves companies. Most of them are glove manufacturers or importers.

If you want to work in the business gloves business, you need custom logo gloves and bulk purchases. Importing from China will be price competitive.

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Work Gloves Wholesale in Bulk from USA

The hands are the most vulnerable to injuries when dealing with industrial and commercial work. From impact injuries to cuts and scrapes, these are the things that workers often have to deal with. Hand injuries can be incapacitating and can affect a worker’s ability to perform. It also affects the operations of a business.

This is why work gloves are a must in all industries. Choosing the right work gloves manufacturer in USA is imperative to ensure that your business or industry always has a supply of work gloves to protect your employees.

Advantages Of  Work Glove Manufacturers In USA

Why should you buy work gloves from a work gloves manufacturer USA? Here are the advantages that you can get:

  1. You get high-quality work gloves made from top-notch materials

There is stringent manufacturing standards in the US. This is why their products are top-notch. Everything that comes out of their manufacturing facilities are made from materials that do what they say to do. From protection against impact to protection from cuts, these materials are designed to withstand them all.

  1. There is rigorous quality control in the manufacturing and distribution of work gloves.

You can be assured that there is strict quality control when it comes to manufacturing work gloves. There are governing bodies that ensure the quality of the products that come out of these facilities. Since there are people who are inspecting the quality of their products, you know that you are getting the best ones that you can use for a long time.

  1. Your purchase is backed by customer service.

Got a problem with your purchase? No worries because there is a customer service team who will readily help you in case you want to escalate a problem. You can easily get a hold of a customer service representative.

  1. They have various distribution centers.

Most of these manufacturers only have one manufacturing site but they have various distribution centers scattered all around the US and even around the world. It is easier to obtain the work gloves that you need.

  1. You can take advantage of latest work gloves technologies.

These work gloves manufacturers take the extra time and effort in devising new technologies and coming up with new formulations in materials to make their work gloves more reliable. These new technologies ensure the safety of workers from punctures, abrasions, cuts and impact.

List Of Work Gloves Manufacturer In USA

PIP Global


PIP Global is one of the largest distributors of protective gear and equipment, boasting of locations in various parts of the globe including both North and South America, Asia and Europe.

Originally founded in Latham, New York, USA back in 1984, they have over 30 years of experience in making hand protection. What used to be a small manufacturing company now makes more than 3,500 different products.

Their gloves are widely used in different industries including food processing and services, emergency responders, industrial usage and construction, to name a few.


What is great about their products is that they strive so hard to meet and understand the requirements set by their customers. This is why their products have that personalized feel to it. They understand what each industry needs and goes the extra mile to provide those. They are also one of those companies who does dielectric testing for their electrical insulating type of gloves.

Wells Lamont


A front runner in the glove-making industry, Wells Lamont has been a household name since 1907. With their original headquarters established in Aberdeen, South Dakota by their patriarch, Wilson Orson Wells, they first ventured in making cotton cloth. It wasn’t until 1910 when they started making work gloves.

Their innovative ways continued and in the 1930s, they struck gold with their leather palm glove that is still popular to this day. they were also the first to innovate leather gloves that can be machine-washed and this was introduced in 2000.


They don’t just make gloves for adults, they also make gloves for kids. They understand the need for specialized comfort, which is why they have gloves tailor-fitted for the needs of specific target markets. Women often have trouble finding comfortable gloves because they are often sized for men, which is what makes this company stand out from the rest: they have gloves for different kinds of people.



With over 125 years of experience under their belt, Ansell is easily the most recognizable name in the gloves industry. It was established in 1893 by John Boyd Dunlop, the same name behind the tire company in Melbourne Australia.

It was only in 1905 when they found a use for the machinery they are no longer using for tire manufacturing. It was first used to create condoms and balloons but they soon branched out to other products like gloves for the household, work and surgical use.

They have a broad range of products, all of them trusted and tested stringently. They also make use of the most advanced materials today to protect the hands from all sorts of potential damages including chemicals, cold, cuts and heat.


Their gloves really do a good job in protecting the hands. Their household gloves are particularly good because they are easy to use and are comfortable. They offer a good amount of hand dexterity, perfect for those jobs that require a stronger grip.

ATG Gloves


ATG Gloves stand by the belief that less is more. They only have 4 different types of gloves – the MaxiFlex, the MaxiCut, the MaxiDry and the MaxiChem. The MaxiFlex is best suited for dry environments, so whatever industry you are in, you will find this a good choice.

The MaxiCut is excellent in protecting the hands from abrasions and cuts, great for handling sharp and dangerous equipment. Use the MaxiDry if you are working in environments that are wet or oily. The MaxiChem is the obvious choice when it comes to protecting your hands from chemical injuries.


They may only have 4 different types of work gloves but they are all great and exceptional because of their hypoallergenic qualities. In fact, they are Oeko-Tex certified, REACH compliant and Skin Health Alliance accredited. Their products are also devoid of substance of very high concern or SVHC. Their products are also very innovative boasting of good breathability and ergonomics.


Mechanix Wear


Mechanix Wear’s The Original glove first came into existence in 1991. It’s not even a product of an entrepreneur or even someone who is experienced in the gloves industry but a race mechanic.

The insider knowledge when it comes to what work gloves are needed enabled the creator to come up with a glove that not just work in the mechanic and motorsports industry but also the industrial scene as well. They embody the term “fits like a glove” with their ergonomic and highly comfortable work gloves.


From just one type of glove, they now offer a variety of work gloves suitable for different industries. What is great about their offerings is that they are made from some of the most innovative materials. If you need gloves that can protect you from cuts and abrasions, choose those that have the Material4X, one of the most durable materials out there. If you need to protect your hands from heat or flame, their CarbonX gloves would be a great fit.

United Glove


Protecting the hands from work-related injuries is the goal of Unite Glove. They have more than 35 years of experience to bring to the table. With their headquarters found in Newtown, North Carolina.

This company currently produces more than 2000 products and that includes gloves that are resistant to cuts, heat and abrasions, are lint-free, are thermal insulated and are made from high quality materials like Nitrile , PVC and Polyurethane.

They even accept custom designs for the palms. In addition to gloves, you can also buy protective sleeves from them.


This is one of those companies who accept custom orders. If you have specific needs for your company or there is a special design that you want, you can let them know and they might be able to accommodate your requests. They also have accommodating staff and excellent customer service.

Southern Glove


Southern Glove is found in Newton, North Carolina. They have 70 years of glove-making experience under their built and have a variety of distributors scattered all over the country. They use different materials to make their gloves and that includes leather and terry cloth.

They produce flame-retardant, disposable, cut-resistant, single or double palm and machine-knit gloves. They have something to offer for various industries out there. This company follows the most stringent methods in glove manufacturing and even complies with the ANSI/ISEA 138 standard.


You can always trust their gloves to be well-made. They also look great and can protect your hands from impact without affecting your dexterity. Their gloves still enable seamless hand movements. They also make use of local ingredients, which help build the economy up.

Carolina Glove & Safety Company


Currently based in Conover, North Carolina, this company has been around for over 70 years already. Since their inception in 1946, they have innovated countless of hand protective products.

In fact, their current facilities and factories are ready for massive production and are capable of manufacturing more than 65,000 gloves every week.

They also have the most extensive collection of work gloves we can find today with their more than 5000 gloves to choose from. Whither you are looking for leather, chores, latex, Kevlar, coated or canvas gloves, they have it in store for you. They are also ISO-certified.


If you are ordering in bulk from them, you don’t have to worry because they have fast service. They answer your queries compelled and they make sure you get your order when you need them. Their gloves are also some of the nicest-looking ones out there.

Wells Lamont Industrial


This manufacturer based in Skokie, Illinois has been producing and innovating work gloves since 1907. Founded by W.O Wells a century ago, this company’s commitment to producing the best quality of work gloves has only intensified since.

They specialize in making gloves for the industrial, automotive, cleaning, construction, food processing, steel and metal fabrication and oil industries.


Their rugged work gloves are grippy. The leather materials are also quite breathable and they don’t hamper hand dexterity. The stitching also holds even when subjected to a lot of rough handling.



This West Yorkshire, England-based company has been around since 1880, giving them a lot of experience when it comes to making gloves. They were originally a spinning business where their main product is wool yarn.

In 2002, they came up with their Rhino brand, which is a line of gear meant to protect the hands and arms. Their innovations have not been left unnoticed. In 2006, they were given the Awards for Enterprise by the queen due to their invention of the Rhino yarn.


If you are looking for the most innovative and the most responsive gloves, get one from this company. They have gloves that can protect your hands from cuts and other injuries. Many of their gloves are also lightweight and easy to wear.

Northern Safety & Industrial

Address: PO Box 4250 Utica, NY 13504-4250

This company is no stranger to safety. Their expertise go way back in 1983 when they primarily sold products for first aid and medical. They mostly operated through their red truck. It wasn’t until 1985 when they finally got a physical space for their operations. They currently have 19 different locations, all equipped with technologies that allow seamless operations. Aside from Northern Safety brand, they also sell products from 3M, Ansell, Dupont, Honeywell, MSA and First Aid Only.

SuperFit Glove Hand Safety Solutions

Address: 1031 S Linwood Ave Santa Ana CA 92705

Based in Santa Ana California, this work gloves company specializes in making gloves that are resistant to cuts, punctures, heat, abrasions, impact, and chemicals. They take pride in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that are certified by ISO. Their products undergo stringent manufacturing process that even countries like Japan, Russia and Brazil recognize them. Their main offering is the FlexStone technology, which is a kind of material that is made from HPPE composite synthetic fiber blend, which is used as a liner to make the gloves even more resistant to damage.

MCR Safety

Address: 1255 Schilling Blvd. West Collierville, TN 38017

With more than 45 years of experience under their belt, MCR Safety is one of the leading distributors of personal protective equipment. They currently have a distribution center in Memphis to make it easier to cater to the various needs of businesses all over the US. They are not just a work gloves supplier, they also manufacture their own personal protective equipment. Their work gloves make use of the newest impact and cut protection technologies such as Alycore, Dyneema and Kevlar.

Warwick Mills

Address: 1300 Naperville Drive, Romeoville, IL 60446-1043 USA

They are not just safety gloves manufacturers, they manufacture earthing from safety clothing to fall protection equipment. If there is something you need for safety, they most likely have it. With an experience that dates back to 1946 when Sam Magid, Abe Cohen, and Dave Cohen established the company in Chicago. They have manufacturing plants and distribution centers in other countries in addition to their almost 400 consignment placements in the U.S. This company that has been around for more than 70 years is practically an institution in the business.

Tucker Safety Products Inc

Address: 804 Garden of the Gods Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

What started as an oven mitt producer became one of the biggest industrial gloves manufacturers in the USA. They are currently located in Colorado and has been around since 1986. Today, they are industry front runners when it comes to making work gloves for the prevention of cuts and injuries in the kitchen. They also produce unique products such as the 3-finger mitt, which is designed to make cleaning in the kitchen a lot easier.

Brite Safety

Address: 1619 Whipple Road Hayward, CA 94544

For over 20 years now, Brite Safety remains to be one of the leading work gloves company in North America. As a safety gear manufacturer, they produce a lot of products including hats, vests, and pants. Their work gloves, on the other hand, are also thoughtfully designed, offering various benefits such as thermo-capability and resistant to cuts, punctures, impact and abrasions. They also produce lifter gloves, which is a glove designed to assist the hands when doing heavy lifting.

Knoxville Glove Company

Address: 1055 Leiscz’s Bridge Rd. Leesport, PA 19533

From their humble beginnings in Knoxville, Tennessee back in 1914, this work gloves supplier has acquired a lot of experience when it comes to products for hand protection. They became an even bigger company when they teamed up with another work gloves manufacturer, Carolina Glove Company, a company established in Conover in North Carolina. This company specializes in making custom-sized work gloves for industries that may have specific size requirements. They stringently use American-made materials for their work gloves, ensuring top-notch quality.

Ringers Gloves

Address: 8846 N. Sam Houston Parkway W.Suite 110 Houston, Texas 77064

When it comes to making work gloves that can protect the hands from all types of injuries, they are one of the best. They have been around since 1996, devising new technologies to make their work gloves such as the F3 Technology. This technology is designed to protect the hands from all sorts of external elements including gas and oil. It can be used for the industrial, commercial, construction and engineering industries, protecting the hands without sacrificing dexterity and comfort.

The Safety Zone

Address: 385 Long Hill Rd. Guilford, CT 06437

If you are looking for a work gloves supplier in Connecticut, check out The Safety Zone. They are a widely recognizable name in the work gloves industry because they have been around since 1973. They are not just experts in making safety work gloves, they also provide work gloves for different industries such as cleaning, food processing and service and medical industries. Their reach extends to different parts of the US such as California, Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Indiana. Globally, they can be found in China, Thailand and Malaysia.

Thumbs Up Glove & Safety Inc

Address: 1220 South Main Street Bluffton, Indiana 46714

This company started out sewing work gloves back in 1992. They were known as Bi-County Services, Inc. back then and they mainly catered for the Defense Department. They later on dabbled in making leather gloves. John and Jolin Whicker acquire the company in 1998 and has since added more products to their repertoire including protection for the ears and eyes, protection for fall and protection against respiratory issues in the work place.

Napa Glove & Safety, Inc.

Address: 550 California Blvd / P.O. Box 509 Napa, CA 94559

This company located in Napa Valley. They supply work gloves for various industries including industrial, motorcycle, farming, ranch, wineries, and hardware. They have been in this industry since 1992, when its head honcho, Randy Deits established the company. They have a full line-up of work gloves. From disposable gloves to high quality elkskin gloves, they have something to offer for workers who need good hand protection. They also have the latest technologies in work gloves such as Neoprene, PVC and pigskin.


Address: 1221 Page Street Kewanee, IL 61443

It was through a great need for comfortable work gloves to protect the hands when the company’s founder created a makeshift material for husking corn. It happened in the 1890s in Kewanee, Illinois. The company established then was only known by the name Perkins Husker Company. It later evolved into Boss Manufacturing. Boss is one of the few work gloves manufacturers who can deliver to the farthest area of the glove. They even supplied work gloves to South Pole.

Ironclad Performance Wear

Address: 3325 Roy Orr Suite# 200 Grand Prairie, Texas 75050 U.S.A.

The company’s founder, Ed Jaeger, understood the need for comfortable but protective work gloves when he helped with a home construction project back in 1997. The workers back then were not wearing hand protection despite the fact that they were all using tools that can potentially inflict hand injury. They said they had a hard time finding work gloves that are fitting for the job they have. This is when Ed decided to come up with work gloves that can provide not just hand protection but also comfort and maximum dexterity to users.

These insulated work gloves can be made from an external material that is resistant to external elements and added with a soft liner that can also has an insulation property.

  1. Winter Work Gloves

They are similar with insulated work gloves in the sense that they protect the hands against the cold elements. However, these work gloves are designed to be used during the winter season. They keep the hands warm while you work outdoors. They can be used for outdoor gardening in the winter season.

Industries that tend to handle cold materials or have a typically cold work environment such as those in freezing facilities can also use winter work gloves to provide added hand protection.

  1. Construction Work Gloves

Construction work gloves are designed to protect the hands from impact, abrasions and cuts. Since the construction industry deals and handles tools and equipment that can inflict these injuries to the hands, they should be supplied to the workers to avoid accidents and injuries.