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You can also easily find out thousands of bulk wholesale work gloves suppliers from China. Here are 10 bulk safety glove platforms for you. We introduce to you the main types of safety gloves made in China.


Wholesale Work Gloves from China FAQ

Are These Wholesalers Factories?

Some of the work glove wholesalers in alibaba and yiwu are factories and some are trading companies.

What is the MOQ for These Work Gloves Wholesalers?

MOQ of cut-resistant gloves is about 3000 pairs, MOQ of coated gloves is about 10,000 pairs.

Can I Place an Order Online?

You can place orders online in AliExpress and Alibaba.

LOGO can be customized if bulk purchase work gloves, but communicate with the supplier in advance.

China wholesale work glove suppliers

Now,we are here to provide you with numerous information about the best wholesale work gloves suppliers from China.

If you want to looking for work glove manufacturers from China,

Please reference: Safety Work Gloves Manufacturers from China


Qingdao Everpro Safety Products Co.,Ltd, as a professional manufacturer of coated work glove since 2011 production line including the cut resistant glove, latex coated glove, nitrile coated glove, PU coated glove and PVC coated glove.

Now Everpro safety has 9 production lines and more the 200 workers, From the raw material sourcing, yarn knitting, glove dipping, inspection, logo printing, package, and loading.

For the MOQ  the order, Everpro  also become more and more flexible  according to the different glove type and clients type.


Alibaba is the B2B platform with the most suppliers of  wholesale safe work gloves supplier in China.

Alibaba’s advantages:

  1. You can affordably create your own custom industrial safety hand gloves from scratch (simply because the products selling are non-branded). Furthermore, you can have control over the packaging and shipping.
  2. Location-which allows lowest wholesale cost per work glove(like we’ve mentioned above hence of the cheap labor and low wages you will be able to create your very own business/order all sorts of work gloves at very low costs)
  3. Great selection of products to choose from (there are literally millions of suppliers and products to choose from). However, when we are talking about work gloves suppliers there is a total of 1780 different work glove suppliers.

Tip: 1780 work gloves suppliers, 1618 safety gloves suppliers at Alibaba.

Tip: For some gloves, the MOQ is 1000 dozens, while some types can be 500 dozen, 300 dozens even 1000 pairs. The sample is free for all over clients to check the quality first.

Made in China

This third-party B2B e-commerce platform was founded a year before Alibaba in 1998 and has a head-quarter in Nanjing.

Unlike Alibaba which is mainly focused on consumer goods, Made in China is focused on industrial and construction products (more specifically 27 different industries).

So Made-in-China have a lot of  wholesale work gloves suppliers and safety gloves manufacturers, industrial gloves plant.

Tip: 798 work gloves suppliers, 815 safety gloves suppliers at Made-in-China.

Global Sources

If you want to purchase wholesale work gloves, go to Global Sources looking for work gloves supplier is also good chooce.

Advantage of Global Sources:

Global Sources offers:

  • Verified Suppliers (verified registration details by independent third parties such as Ease Credit, Dun, and Bradstreet, TUV SUD).
  • Verified Manufacturers which are indeed verified suppliers licensed by relevant government departments/allowance to manufacturing goods).
  • Exhibitors which are face-to-face verified by Global Sources staff and also had a physical presence at one or more Global Sources trade shows.

Tip: 960 work gloves suppliers, 1246 safety gloves suppliers at Global Sources.

Canton Fair

Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) is the largest and biggest Commercial Exhibition Fair on the planet.

Held twice a year in Guangzhou, China and divided into three phases, The Canton Fair is spread across an area as large as almost 218 football fields, has more than 25, 000 exhibitors annually and almost 200, 000 overseas buyers.

Advantages of visiting Canton Fair:

  • Different bulk work gloves suppliers all at one place (instead of searching online you can save a lot of valuable time and energy by visiting the fair).
  • Ability to have an instant meeting and easily arrange everything.
  • Ability to immediately witness the quality of the manufactured industrial gloves products.
  • More suitable if you lack the idea of what to sell and you are searching for new work gloves products which can be easily placed on the market.

However, you should also consider that a road trip all the way to China to visit this fair might be too expensive for your business especially if you are at your beginning.

Tip: work safety gloves of suppliers is found in the first phase (between 15 and 19 April and October) in the 14th, 15th, and 16th hall.

Yiwu Market

Located in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China, this wholesale market is divided into five main districts connected one to another each with three to four floors.

These areas are subdivided according to the products inside numerous different categories such as toys, electronics, apparel, jewelry, homewares, and sports.

Tips on how to find your supplier on the Yiwu wholesale market:

  • There are a lot of similar suppliers which offer the same wholesale work gloves, make sure you choose the one which offers the best price and the best terms and conditions.
  • Make sure the wholesale work gloves you see straight on the market (the sample) and the product which will be delivered to your customer’s doorstep (the actual product) have the same quality. This is vital, so pay attention to this detail.
  • Consider hiring a professional agent which will help you make the best decision in terms of finding more professional wholesale work gloves suppliers.
  • Try to bargain and negotiate in order to get the best price possible. You should know that certain suppliers might give you a little discount of about 3-5% to 1000 pieces you order.
  • Build a trustworthy and reliable partnership with your safety gloves supplier.
  • Consider hiring an agent there which will do the “hard work” for you.

Tip: The wholesale work gloves section can be found in the fourth district on the second floor amongst the general merchandise for daily use, the knitting products, and hats.

There you will be able to find all sorts of gloves such as working gloves, safety gloves, PU, knitting, lady gloves, etc. from 400 different factories, all with differentquality and available quantity.

You should also know that the Yiwu market has also an official web page

Here, you will be able to find all 75, 000 booths and their products. Furthermore, you will be able to also experience a panoramic display of shops as if you’ve visited the physical market.

The safety work gloves products which can be seen online are the same as the ones found in the physical market itself. This service (Yiwugo) took four years to develop and all of the online transactions are fully traceable and controllable (meaning the platform is a safe reliable one).

Surprisingly although when you visit their webpage, you get the impression that is underdeveloped, they are indeed professionals in what they do. Their concept is fully functional, and their idea grew and became one of the biggest wholesale work gloves markets not only in China but in the world too.

Tip: 805 bulk work gloves suppliers, 1077 Industrial gloves supplier at Yiwugo.


This B2C (business to consumer) e-commerce platform was launched back in 2010 and it is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group, a number one destination of users outside of China, and one of the most popular portals for use in the dropshipping industry.

Shockingly, after only four years of existence in 2014, this platform became a leader in terms of traffic in both Brazil and Russia.

It is available in more than fifteen different languages, has millions of registered users from all across the globe, and offers more than 10 million versatile products divided into more than 4,000 categories and subcategories.

Advantages of AliExpress:

  • Low prices (purchasing products straight from distribution centers and/or from the factory);
  • Patronage purchase meaning the money is not immediately released to the seller (this way your money are protected);
  • You can negotiate a discount;
  • Can buy bulk work gloves;
  • You can create a wishlist and be notified when a certain product has a discount;
  • You can easily track your order;
  • Free Shipping;

Since AliExpress is not a true drop ship supplier, make sure you take advantage of it but also remember to be cautious!

Tip: 10372 work gloves, 941 industrial gloves at Aliexpress.


Founded in August 2014, with a head-quarter in Beijing, DHGate is the largest B2B (business to business) cross-border e-commerce trade platform in China.

It is approximately calculated that this platform has more than 2 million Chinese sellers, 21 million global registered buyers, and more than 22 million products available.

Advantages of using DHGate:

  • More unique products
  • Physical stores run by DHGate, scattered in numerous countries where you will be able to inspect the products prior to purchasing them
  • DHGate has various ways to protect buyers such as payment protection, package protection, promptness protection, partner protection, and privacy protection.
  • DHGate has flexible payment methods
  • Local Return shipping
  • You can track your order

Tip: 876 work gloves, 946 safety gloves at DHGate.


Chinabrands is another online platform which offers dropshipping services to customers from all around the world.

Chinabrands advantages:

  • One of the main advantages of this platform is its wide selection of products. They are offering more than half of a million products with excellent quality.
  • Authorized members are allowed to download HD pictures and detailed product information and upload them on their store (this will make the entire process much easier).
  • Chinabrands has a fully optimized API (Application Programming Interface) linking technology meaning the two systems (mobiles and laptop or desktop) will be intertwined, and working seamlessly. Furthermore, your Chinabrands card will be merged with your store (meaning through API, your product can sell to multiple stores) and even better, the orders will be automatically processed.
  • Chinabrands has numerous warehouses meaning you won`t have to invest in any type of inventory. Furthermore, the orders made by your customers will be shipped within 24 hours while you will be able to track the order.
  • Perfect logistic service.

Main Types of work gloves

Cut-resistant Gloves

Commonly this type of gloves is used both for professional purposes and in the household for specific activities.

More Cut-resistant Gloves

Cut-resistant gloves are divided into three types:

  1. Metal mesh gloves are made of rings of stainless steel which are a form of chainmail (historic archaic armor).
  2. Cut-and-sewn gloves are made from cut-resistant materials and are then sewn into a glove.
  3. Seamless knitted gloves are a one-piece knitted product made from high-performance materials.

Latex Coated Gloves

This type of gloves are made from natural rubber and are exceptional especially when we are talking about elasticity and proper grip while working.

More Latex Coated Gloves

Furthermore, they are prone to extreme temperatures and common tears. Commonly hence of their properties, they are used in numerous different industries such as construction, automotive industry, agriculture, and maintenance.

When we are talking about the surface of the latex coated gloves, they come in quite a few options such as crinkle, sandy, foamy, or a smooth one.

Nitrile Coated Gloves

Nitrile as a coating material for working gloves is a great substitute for people who are allergic to the latex coated gloves.

When we are talking about durability and more specifically punctures-it is three times more resistant than the rubber and it is also resilient to tears.

Moving on, nitrile coated gloves are not flame-resistant but can withstand temperatures from -4˚C (25˚F) to 149˚C (300˚F) which is quite impressive.

More Nitrile Coated Gloves

Furthermore, another important thing is the chemical resistance to oil which makes this type superior when we are talking about handling small oily parts (for example in the automotive industry).

There are 3 types of nitrile coated gloves:

  • smooth sandy foam
  • sandy nitrile
  • foam nitrile

Polyurethane Coated Work Gloves

Flexible and affordable, prone to common oils and greases, this coating is just “heaven-made” for people who need extra sensitive grip while working.

However, this coating polymer makes this type of gloves a bit softer with a moderate puncture and abrasion resistance on top of not being advisable for wet conditions.

More Polyurethane Coated Gloves

These polyurethane-coated work gloves are commonly used when working with electronics and in cleanrooms.

Winter Work Gloves

Winter work gloves should be thermal and have good insulation with an outer shell; remain flexible regardless of the layers; have a good grip; extend past the back knuckles of your hands, and be waterproof.

More Winter Work Gloves

Additionally, they can be abrasion and cut resistant, chemical resistant, flame resistant, with high dexterity, with high visibility, and suitable for drivers and mechanics/oil repellent.

Impact Resistant Gloves

This type of gloves is specifically designed to protect the back of the hand and are commonly used in the oil and gas industry.

More than often, when we are talking about protection manufacturers focus on protecting the palm while the back of a worker’s hand is usually exposed to cuts, bruises, bumps, and even bone fractures.

More Impact Resistant Gloves

This is the main reason, why these gloves are specifically designed to protect the fingers, the knuckles, and sometimes even the wrist.

They are cut and impact resistant while having high dexterity and high sensitivity on the fingers (they are tactical).

Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

You can never go wrong by taking that extra step when we are talking about protecting your hands even when you are doing something as simple as barbequing.

More Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

Heat resistant gloves can be made from:

  • silicone (practical when handling hot food; simple to clean; not as much insulation as other materials);
  • leather (old fashioned and versatile; are handy when you are handling the grill, hot pans, and tools; are thick; not appropriate for food handling);
  • fabric (made from high-heat resistant fabric; excellent for handling hot pans, grill grates, and hot logs);
  • synthetic material (low insulation; appropriate for food handling; easy to clean).

Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are usually used to protect the skin hence of hygienic reasons.

They are usually made from latex, nitrile, rubber, neoprene, or polyvinyl chloride; are used in the food industry, medicine, and when there is a need for protection of contamination; and come unpowdered or powdered with cornstarch or Lycopodium powder which makes them easier to put on.

Leather Work Gloves

Leather is the “old-timer” amongst all other materials we’ve already mentioned. Leather gloves are exceptional when we’re talking about abrasion resistance but they are not effective against cuts.

Thick yet flexible, they will fit you like a second skin and with proper maintenance, they will last decades.

Final Thoughts

All in all, these were the five quite basic options when we are talking about finding a wholesale work gloves supplier from China.

As you can tell, every platform and the physical market has its own advantages and it is known for some specific aspect.

  • Alibaba is probably the most famous;
  • Made-in-china is focused on industrial products;
  • Global Sources are promoting their Trade Fairs;
  • Canton Fair and Yiwu Market are physical wholesale markets with hundreds of suppliers at the same spot, and thousands of visitors from all across the globe all with the same purpose – finding a reliable supplier!

Other work gloves suppliers:

Safety Work Gloves Suppliers South Africa

Safety Work Gloves Suppliers Singapore

Bulk Wholesale Work Gloves Suppliers Australia

Wholesale Work Gloves Suppliers UK

Safety Work Gloves Wholesale Suppliers USA/Canada

For instance, if you seek a wholesale work gloves supplier on only one platform, you will soon enough realize there are at least thousands of them which does sound like a headache when you have to go through the selection process. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The only thing you need to do is to pay attention to a few things such as:

  • Supplier’s integrity (reputable record; responsibility and great communication skills; verified supplier with properly verified documents by the third party).
  • How fast can the delivery be made (location of the supplier).
  • Make sure the products have the same quality as the seen samples (balance pricing with quality).
  • Protect yourself and use features created by the platforms (such as trade assurance).

No matter what platform you use in order to choose the most suitable supplier according to your wholesale work gloves business’s needs and possibilities, there is no doubt that you won’t make a mistake by choosing one from China.

The chances are there is not a single home that doesn’t have a “made in China” product and for a reason. Over the past few years China has become the cradle of product manufacturing and wholesaling and what does this mean for you?

It means that you will get huge amounts of best possible products for the most affordable prices, delivered at yours or your customer’s doorstep. Now, who can refuse a deal such as this one? Literally no one.

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