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In the USA, fashion glove manufacturers, leather glove manufacturers, private label glove manufacturers, nitrile glove manufacturers, work gloves manufacturers, winter glove manufacturers, custom gloves are mostly in the glove industry.

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Did you know that the hands are the second most common parts of the body that get injured in the workplace? In a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics back in 2015, there are an estimated 143,000 hand injuries that happened in the workplace. It’s just right behind the number one injury, which is back injury.

This is why it is important to provide ample protection to the hands in the workplace, especially in industries where the hands tend to be subjected to the use of sharp tools or chemicals.

Leather Glove Manufacturers

Leather makes an ideal protective material due to its ability to deflect cuts and abrasions as well as disperse impact. It also has a natural moisture-repelling property, which can be ideal for the use of industries that deal with chemicals and hot liquids.

The most commonly-used leather materials today are pigskin, cowhide, deerskin, sheepskin, goatskin, buffalo leather and horsehide.

Geiger Glove Company


810 West Main Street – P.O. Box 655 Centralia, WA 98531

Geiger Glove Company is one of the oldest glove manufacturers in the U.S. They have been established in Centralia Washington sometime in 1927 and has been a household name when it comes to creating reliable leather gloves. Their work leather gloves are made from materials such as Kangaroo, Goatskin, Deerskin, Elkskin, Bison and Cowhide leather. Aside from work purposes, they also make gloves for fashion.

Oregon Glove Company


1490 12th Street Southeast, Salem, OR 97302

This Oregon-based company started making leather gloves back in 1948. They understood the need for hand protection when working outdoors. Currently, they are one of the glove companies in the northwest area providing sturdy work gloves for local businesses. They have a trademark leather glove pattern and they use it for their various materials such as Deer, Goat and Elk skin.

Fashion Glove Manufacturers USA

Style does not have to compromise comfort. That is what glove manufacturers USA strive to achieve. Fashion gloves can be made from a variety of materials that impact the way you look and can contribute to one’s comfort, especially during the frigid winter months. Fashion gloves can be used to punctuate your style while still protecting the hands from external elements and from potential injuries when engaging in activities that involve the use of the hands.

LaCrasia Gloves


270 West 38th Street Suite 1202 New York, NY 10018

With a headquarters in New York, New York, this fashion gloves manufacturer has catered to many famous personalities since its inception in 1978. Their gloves have been worn by celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Rose McGowan and have been featured in countless publications and editorial shoots. Some of the notable wearers of their men’s gloves are Michael Jackson, Denzel Washington and Richard Gere.

Wing + Weft Gloves

Wing + Weft Gloves collaborate with local artisans to create hand-made gloves. They also have gloves from LaCrasia, so they are not just a manufacturer of gloves, they are also a distributor of other established glove makers in the area. Their headquarters can be found in the garment district of New York. Aside from their gloves manufacturing services, they also offer other services such as cutting service, rentals, and editorials.

Private Label Glove Manufacturers

When private companies need gloves, they tap the services of private label glove manufacturers. They manufacture gloves that these private companies will sell using their own brand and line. These private label glove manufacturers take into account the preferences and needs of the brand when it comes to materials, comfort, stitches and many more to produce gloves that they can sell using their own brand name.

GII Gloves International

GII Gloves International is trusted by some of the most recognizable brands today including Adrienne Vittadini. Today, their main office is located in Adirondack Village in upstate New York. Since their inception in 1995, they have continued to provide customers with top-notch gloves. But aside from gloves, they also offer a variety of products for manufacturing such as socks and scarves. When it comes to accessories for cold weather, they offer the best manufacturing methods.

Olympia Gloves


500 Executive Blvd. Elmsford, NY 10523

Although this glove maker does not disclose who their biggest clients, they have been in this business so long that you just know they cater to different businesses out there. With over 75 years of experience in manufacturing gloves, they have made gloves for different industries such as fashion, sports and outdoor. They make gloves for outdoor winter activities like skiing and snowmobiling. If brands need to make fashion gloves, they are also one of the biggest glove companies USA they turn to. They are currently based in Elmsford, New York.

Saranac Glove



They don’t just make gloves for U.S. brands, they cater to global brands as well. Although their main office is in Green Bay, Wisconsin, they have facilities in different parts of the world. They have manufacturing and distribution facilities so that brands from different parts of the world can have easy access to their cut and sew services. This is one of the oldest glove makers in the U. S, having been established sometime in 1866.

Baseball Glove Manufacturers

Baseball gloves are typically made from thick and padded leather material. It is supposed to aid baseball players in catching and throwing ball. Leather baseball gloves are thick enough to provide protection from impact. Since catching ball traveling at a fast speed is harmful to the hands and can cause injuries, using baseball gloves is a must.

Nokona American Ball Gloves


917 US-82 Nocona, TX 76255

Nokona got their name from their place of origin, which is Nocona in Texas. They were established in 1934 and they take pride in their craftsmanship and handiwork that give their leather gloves the durability that you can’t find elsewhere. Each glove has materials that go through a rigorous cutting, stamping, stitching and lacing process without the use of machines. This is why their products are unique and no two gloves are exactly alike.


This company is the product of decades of glove-making experience of two families: Mike and the Ming family. They have been producing baseball gloves in their respective companies until 2013 when they merged and formed Capire. They have used their decades of experience in glove making to create Capire gloves that can stand the test of time.

Nitrile Glove Manufacturers

Nitrile gloves came into existence as an alternative to natural rubber and latex gloves. There are people who are allergic to latex. Nitrile gloves have similar capabilities as that of latex and rubber gloves but without causing an allergic reaction. There are manufacturers that make both natural latex and nitrile gloves.

The Glove Company


320 Decker Drive #100 (Suite 100) Irving Texas 75062

The Glove Company is a Texas-based gloves manufacturer. Unlike other glove companies that produce other products, this company only focuses their attention on gloves. They take pride in their gloves that have undergone independent testing and accreditation. In fact, their gloves have gotten the nod of approval from the National Association of Testing Authorities, ensuring that every glove you get from them is of the best quality. Their manufacturing methods are so stringent that they even provide gloves for the Defense Force Service.

TG Medical USA Inc.


155 N. Aspan Ave., Azusa, CA 91702

Despite their name, this glove manufacturer makes different kinds of gloves that cater to the needs of different industries and not just in sports. They have gloves for medical, food, cleaning, dental, safety and automotive needs. Since they have been established in 1995, they have continued to provide gloves from their headquarters in California. They also do private label manufacturing for brands and companies in need of a manufacturer for gloves.

Glove America


33278 Central Ave., Suite 102 Union City, CA 94587

There is not much information on how and where Glove America first came into existence. However, they are now one of the biggest glove companies in the US. They make both disposable and reusable work gloves. Their work gloves are strategically designed so they provide ample protection against hand injuries. They also help companies cut down on the costs of work gloves by offering gloves that are in their warehouse and can be shipped directly to the users.

Bulk Nitrile Gloves


2500 Trout Gulch RD. Aptos,CA. 95003

If you are looking for a good nirile glove manufacturer that can supply gloves in North America, look no further than this company. They have been int his business since 1986. Their history in making gloves has paved the way for their operations to grow. In 2010, they have started catering to companies outside the US. They are teamed up with Infi-Touch, another manufacturer of gloves to make sure what they are offering is the best.

Latex Rubber Gloves

Latex is a natural material used for a variety of products including rubber. Latex gloves are great because they have a great fit. They can fit on you as if they are your second skin. These gloves also ensure better tactility and better comfort, which is great for those who need to use these gloves for a longer period of time.

Renco Corporation


PO Box 412, Beaver Dam Rd., #6   Manchester, MA 01944 USA

Formerly known as Renco Drybox Glove Company, this manufacturer has been around for more than 50 years. Their gloves are what NASA used in the 60s to handle different products as well as delicate moon rocks. In 1989, they changed their location to Manchester. From then, they made different kinds of products that cater to various industries such as the pharmaceutical and the electronics industry.



12851 Western Ave Suite B Garden Grove, CA 92841

This company that is based in California produces gloves for different industries including healthcare and food services. You can be assured that their work gloves are some of the best because they have been approved by different governing bodies such as the FDA, the ASTM, the International Organization for Standardization and the ECCC.

Shamrock Manufacturing Co. Inc.


5445 Daniels Street Chino, California 91710

This company that is based in California has been supplying gloves used by medical and industrial companies for over 25 years now. They believe in sustainable and ethical ways of producing gloves. In fact, they have taken part in planting rubber trees. They also have hybrid rubber trees in their facilities and own over 75,000 acres of land to plant these trees. Their facilities are currently being run by bio-mass to reduce their carbon footprint.


    Phone: +86 532 8688 7931

    Mobile: +86 152 6522 7257