Para-aramid Heat Resistant Glove(HR-501)

Para-aramid Heat Resistant Glove with five fingers(HR-501) is made of Para-Aramid Dense Felt as the main material and the palm is reinforced with Para-Aramid Coarse Twill.
It can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius and lasts for 25-35 seconds at a time.
The glove is lined with an aramid insulating felt and a comfort layer, which improves the comfort of the gloves.
The degree of abrasion resistance is more than doubled thanks to the palm reinforced with para-aramid coarse twill.
Para-aramid Heat Resistant Glove is both abrasion-resistant and heat-insulating.
Customization is possible.


Yellow Para-aramid Heat Resistant Glove

1. Product Characteristics:

Material Para-Aramid Felt
Performance Level EN407,EN388
Size 36cm/43cm
Normal Package an aluminum plastic sealed bag, each pair is packed individually, 25/50 pairs per carton.
Application Metal smelting; ceramics, cement, glass melting production; all kinds of boiler operation, and other high-temperature working environments, etc.
MOQ 200 pairs
Logo heat transfer print
Characteristics High-temperature resistance of 500 degrees Celsius, abrasion-resistant, Heat insulation
Color Yellow
Remarks Five fingers, used on one side

2. Application environment

Don’t forget to wear high-temperature gloves when working in a hot environment.

Para-aramid Heat Resistant Glove is suitable for the aluminum profile processing industry, industrial boiler or tunnel furnace, industrial welding, metal smelting, metal casting, metal extrusion, metal slitting, glass melting production and processing, solar cell production, ceramic firing, and other high-temperature environments.

3. Why is a Para-Aramid Heat Resistant glove so resistant to high temperatures?

Para-aramid Heat Resistant Glove is made of para-aramid densely woven felts with good chemical properties such as abrasion and heat resistance.

  • What is para-aramid felt?

Para-aramid dense Woven Felt is a kind of felt made of para-aramid fiber, which has the characteristics of high strength, high modulus, high-temperature resistance good insulation properties, etc. Para-aramid is a kind of high-performance synthetic fiber, which has excellent mechanical properties, thermal stability, chemical resistance, and good abrasion resistance. This kind of felt is commonly used in the production of bulletproof vests, helmets, space suits, and other high-performance protective equipment, as well as high-temperature filtration materials, insulating materials, and so on.

Para-aramid Heat Resistant Glove is made of exactly this material.

  • what are para-aramid felt’s characteristics?

The characteristics of Para-Aramid felts include:
1. High strength and modulus: Para-aramid fibers themselves have high strength and modulus, so the felts made from them also have good tensile and impact properties, and can effectively resist external shock and pressure.
2. High-temperature resistance: Para-aramid fibers can maintain good performance at high temperatures, so the para-aramid woven felts also have good high-temperature resistance and can be used in higher-temperature environments.
3. Insulation: Para-aramid fibers have good insulating properties, so Para-aramid felts also have good insulating properties, which can effectively prevent electric shock and static electricity.
4. Light and soft: Compared to traditional glass fiber and asbestos materials, para-aramid felts are lighter, softer, and easier to use and maintain.

Because of the excellent characteristics of the raw material, after processing and sewing, the Para-aramid Heat Resistant Glove has good heat insulation and high-temperature resistance. The palm area has been reinforced to make it much more resistant to friction.

4. What is Para-Aramid?

  • Para-aramid is a high-performance synthetic fiber, also known as poly(PPTA) fiber. It is an organic polymer fiber synthesized from terephthaloyl chloride and p-phenylenediamine through a polycondensation reaction. Parylene has excellent properties such as high strength, high modulus, high-temperature resistance, flame retardant, etc. It is known as one of the world’s top three high-performance fibers, along with carbon fiber and high strength, high modulus polyethylene.
  • Because its specific tensile strength is 5-6 times that of steel wire, the specific tensile modulus is 2-3 times that of steel wire, and its density is only about 1/5 that of steel wire, it has a wide range of applications in the field of national defense and civil use, such as bulletproof vests, structural parts of aircraft, optical fibers and so on.
  • In addition, para-aramid also has good impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-fatigue properties, and is referred to as “bulletproof fiber”.
  • Para-aramid Heat Resistant Glove is made from para-aramid fibers woven into a para-aramid dense felt material. As a result, it can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius.

5. Para-aramid heart-resistant gloves with one finger will have a better use than five-finger gloves in terms of heat resistance.

If you want to know more about para-aramid heart-resistant gloves with one finger, you can click here.

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