13/10 Gauge Aramid/Kevlar With Leather Anti-Cut And Anti-Heat Work Glove (HR-301)

Anti-cut and anti-heat work glove’s main features:

  1. Yellow Design: The eye-catching yellow color design makes it easy to identify in various work environments and effectively improves safety.
  2. Material Choice: The gloves are carefully made of braided fabric and leather to ensure they provide good protection and comfort. The braided fabric provides good durability and dexterity, breathability, while the leather improves anti-slip and durability, heat insulation performance.
  3. Cut Resistant Performance: The gloves are made of high-performance materials such as Kevlar and Aramid, which provide excellent resistance to cutting, tearing, and abrasion. These materials can effectively resist cutting by knives, glass, and other sharp objects, providing solid protection for hands.
  4. Cowhide Palm: The palm of the glove is made of cowhide material, which increases durability and anti-scald performance. When handling hot objects, cowhide can provide extra protection against burns.
  5. Main Performance: Cut-resistant, abrasion-resistant, heat-insulating, tear-resistant performance, etc.


13/10 Gauge Aramid/Kevlar With Leather Anti-Cut And Anti-Heat Work Glove (HR-301)

Product Presentation:

Material Material : Liner-Aramid/Kevlar           Coating-Leather
Performance Level Cut A2/A4
Size 7(S)-11(XXL)
Normal Package 12 pairs /polybag, 120pairs/carton
Application Cargo handling, construction sites, hardware processing, steel manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, plastic factories, chemical plants, electronic factories, shipyards, etc.
MOQ 1000 dozens (1dozen=12pairs)
Logo ink/silk/heat transfer print
Characteristics Heat-resistant and Cut-resistant, Abrasion-resistant, Heat-insulating, Tear-resistant.
Remarks The color (Anti-cutting grade) can be customized.

product feature:

Anti-cut and anti-heat work glove detail-6

  1. Designed in yellow color, this anti-cut and anti-heat work glove is eye-catching and stylish to make you stand out at work. It is carefully crafted from braided fabric and leather to provide excellent protection as well as comfort and durability.
  2. It is also made of advanced Kevlar and Aramid, high-performance materials that give the gloves excellent cut, tear, and abrasion resistance. Whether you’re handling knives, glass, or other sharp objects, your hands are effectively protected.
  3. In addition to the cut-resistant properties, these gloves also pay special attention to comfort. Made of breathable materials, your hands remain dry and comfortable even when working for long hours. In addition, the well-designed cowhide leather on the palm not only increases the durability of the gloves but also effectively prevents burns, giving you more peace of mind when handling hot objects.
  4. These gloves are made of cowhide leather in the palm design, which not only enhances the durability and anti-scald properties of the gloves but also imparts a certain level of puncture resistance.
    Cowhide, as a tough natural material, can effectively resist puncture from sharp objects, providing an extra layer of protection for the hand. This design makes the gloves more reliable when dealing with complex and changing industrial environments and can significantly reduce the risk of hand injuries.
    At the same time, cowhide leather has excellent abrasion resistance, maintaining the integrity and protection of the glove over extended periods of use. Whether you’re working with rough materials or high-intensity jobs, these anti-cut and anti-heat work gloves provide complete hand protection and peace of mind when you’re on the job.Anti-cut and anti-heat work glove
  5. If you don’t like these yellow anti-cut and anti-heat work gloves, you can also choose other colors. Typically, the gloves are offered in a variety of color options to meet the individual needs of different users and to suit the work environment. Commonly available colors may include black, grey, blue, red, and so on. You can choose the appropriate color according to your preference, work needs, or matching requirements with the work environment.
    Choosing other colors of gloves can also provide excellent cut, fire, and burn resistance while maintaining comfort and dexterity to ensure your safety and convenience on the job.


The anti-cut and anti-heat work gloves are suitable for a variety of occasions where hand protection is needed, such as industrial manufacturing, building construction, glass handling, the metalworking industry, and other hazardous industries. It can help workers reduce the risk of hand injuries and improve work efficiency and safety.
To summarize, this anti-cut and anti-heat work glove provides users with comprehensive hand protection thanks to its excellent technical features and performance. From the eye-catching yellow color design to the careful selection of materials and the consideration of various protective properties, these gloves aim to create a safe and comfortable working environment for users.

HPPE With Leather Cut Resistant Glove(CUT-1401)

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