How Do Auto Repair Workers Protect Their Hands

How Do Auto Repair Workers Protect Their Hands

With the development of industry, automobiles have become a means of transportation for thousands of households, and the auto repair industry has gradually moved towards professionalization and standardization. We often find that auto repair workers wear disposable gloves at work. What effect does wearing disposable gloves have on auto repair workers?

  1. Effectively prevent puncture and block direct contact between skin and dangerous goods

Auto repair workers often have to deal with sharp and rough auto parts, such as screws under the car hood, tire wrench tools, and so on. If the auto repair workers use their bare hands, it is easy to cause skin damage, and there is a risk of infections such as tetanus. Not only personal health cannot be guaranteed, but it also affects work efficiency.

Nitrile gloves can effectively prevent auto repair workers from encountering these injuries. The high-quality nitrile is resistant to tearing and puncture, effectively preventing the skin from being damaged by sharp auto parts and auto repair tools, and firmly guarding the safety bottom line of auto repair workers.

  1. Corrosion resistance, establish a safety barrier between chemicals and hands

In the process of repairing cars, auto repair workers will be directly exposed to many harmful chemicals. For example coolant, automobile fuel, and paint, etc. After long-term exposure, these things contain harmful substances such as nitrite and lead that can reduce blood pressure, lower immunity, and damage the respiratory tract.

Therefore, auto repair workers need to establish correct protective measures. Disposable nitrile gloves are not only puncture-resistant but also have good chemical resistance. They are not easy to be corroded during long-term operation, and provide the most safest and reliable health guarantee for auto repair workers.

  1. Increase the grip and increase the strength of the hands of auto repair workers

1) Preventing small tightening of small nuts is the most common operation step during auto repair operations, but it is often difficult to handle because of its small size. This problem can be overcome by wearing disposable gloves. Especially wearing textured disposable gloves, not only increases the friction of the hand but also increases the surface area between the gloves and the auto repair parts, improves the grip and prevents them from slipping off the hands.

2) Oil stain resistance

Auto repair workers deal with various liquids of engine oil and lubricants all day long, and no matter how careful they are, they will be covered with oil stains. Hygiene and health cannot be guaranteed. At the same time, the oil on the hands will increase the work burden and cause the hands to slip and fail to complete the work.

Durable nitrile gloves suitable for auto repair workers are not only oil-proof and non-slip. No need to worry about oil pollution when operating heavy-duty vehicle parts!

3) Anti-fatigue

Mechanic workers work very long hours, and some even work overtime frequently to repair and maintain customers’ cars. Maintaining simultaneous mechanical movements for a long time can easily cause hand fatigue and partial palsy, and there is no way to continue working.

The regular heavy-duty orange nitrile gloves on the market use high-quality natural nitrile components, which change according to the temperature of the hand, and the memory action take curve. Even if the mechanics wear maintenance for a long time, they will not feel fatigued and fatigue and they are comfortable and consistent.

In order to better protect the health, health, and safety of auto repair workers, other protective equipment, such as protective masks, eye masks, etc., can also be worn at work.

In summary, the auto mechanic

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