Superior Glove

One of the longest-standing glove manufacturers in Canada is Superior Glove. They’ve been around since its head honcho, Frank Geng, purchased a work glove company that has been around since 1910 back in 1961.

Fast forward to today, they are now one of the biggest manufacturers of work gloves in North America, capable of producing more than 3,500 different styles of work gloves from just 5 styles during their inception.

Their Newfoundland plants are home to some of their innovations including their popular string-knit gloves. Today, you can find not just regular work gloves, but also gloves for a variety of industries.

Their gloves are stringently tested in their testing area found in Acton, so you can be assured of the quality of their products.


They produce some of the most protective gloves in the market. Their Emerald CX Kevlar Gloves with Micropore Nitrile Palms, for instance, offers excellent protection from punctures and cuts without taking away the whole tactility and dexterity of the gloves. They also have gloves that offer superior heat protection.

Watson’s Gloves

Whether you need a pair of gloves of residential or commercial purposes Watson’s Gloves can offer that for you. Founded in April of 1918, Watson’s Glove is practically an institution in work gloves. They have grown so much that they currently have three branches in Canada. You can find them in Burnaby, Mississauga and Calgary.

This company specializes in leather and textile gloves that are not just cut-resistant but are also chemical and heat resistant. These high-performing work gloves can be used for a variety of purposes from gardening to construction.

They can be used by people in the food, motorcycle, forestry, welding, waste management and a variety of other industries.


They come up with the cleverest and funniest names for their products. “Game of Thorns” work gloves for gardening? Hilarious. But at the end of the day, their gloves are still popular not because of gimmicky names but because they work. We particularly like the shirred elastic wrist of some of their gloves and the microfibre materials that the use in order to provide comfort in addition to protection.

Dotzert Glove Company Inc.

Located at 5108 King St, Beamsville in Ontario, Canada, Dotzert Glove is a company that prides itself in their high-quality products. They have been around since 1922.

They originally only made high quality gloves but has since branched out to other imported products rubber boots, liners, workwear, socks and hand warmers, to name a few.

If you are ever in need of a pair of reliable gloves, you can turn to this company, they make different kinds of gloves such as work gloves and winter mitts that are all manufactured in Canada. You can also find high quality leather gloves, welding gloves, textile gloves, dipped clove and cut-resistant gloves.


Dotzert gloves are high quality gloves that last for a long time even when subjected to harsh treatments. The prices are also reasonable and good for the quality they are offering. If you are buying gloves in bulk, it makes sense to get your supplies from this company. They are also known for their mittens, which truly provide protection from the cold.

Canadian Glove & Safety Inc.

Canadian Glove & Safety In can be found in Ottawa, Ontario and they currently specialize in making leather, fabric, driving and chemical-resistant gloves. Having been in the business since 1982, they are one of the market leaders when it comes to gloves that can be used in construction and industrial industries.

In addition to their amazing line-up of high-quality gloves, they also manufacture sportswear, safety shoes, shirts, towels and hoodies. If you need a complete safety gear for your employees, this is practically a one-stop-shop for you.


They have a quality control team on site, so the production is closely monitored. That means you can get some of the best gloves that won’t fail you and expose your hands to harmful things like chemicals. If you frequently deal with these things on a daily basis, consider getting their gloves.

Weaver Supplies Inc.

Weaver Supplies Inc. is found in Lloydminster in Alberta, Canada. The company is currently run and managed by Dale Milne P.Eng, who has more than 30 years of experience in various industries such as industrial, gas services, computer consulting and agriculture.

They don’t produce work gloves but they cut to the chase and reach out directly to suppliers to deliver some of the most reliable work gloves today. That means you can get their work gloves at a more affordable price compared to when you get your work gloves from stores.

Aside from gloves, they also offer safety glasses, grinding discs and coveralls.


If you want value-for-your-money work gloves or you are looking to buy work gloves for your workers on a tight budget, this is the company to go to because they not only have lower-priced gloves, they may also be able to offer you discounts and product specials to add to your purchase.