Are you looking for Cut Resistant Glove Manufacturers?

Here are 10 recommended manufacturers of cut resistant gloves.


DSM is a cut resistant materials company specializing in products that cater to the needs of various industries including food, medical, electronics, safety and automotive, to name a few. DSM specializes in creating materials backed by scientific research. One such technology is the Dyneema technology.

Dyneema Diamond Technology is a kind of protective technology that safeguards the material from cuts without relying on uncomfortable materials such as glass or steel fibers. This is why they make some of the best cut resistant gloves material. DSM’s gloves provide stellar comfort without compromising hand dexterity and cut protection.


Ansell is one of the largest names in the industrial business. They have over 125 years of experience under their built. Since 1893, they have been making reliable materials for industrial, medical and life sciences use. With their rich history and culture, they have ventured into providing sustainable solutions to their customers.

Ansell cut resistant work gloves, for instance, are reliable in both industrial and residential purposes. They are known for their tough exterior that provides ample protection against abrasions, chemicals and cuts. Most of the Ansell work gloves out there are durable enough to withstand multiple uses.


Honeywell started out as a company that makes thermostats for furnaces that run on coal. This was back in 1885 and they have since branched out to producing many other household and industrial products. This North Carolina, USA-based company now produces their own work gloves, which have mostly garnered positive reviews.

Part of the reason why Honeywell is such a trusted brand when it comes to work gloves is because of their quality craftsmanship. You know that every pair of gloves will stand the test of time even when used in the most demanding environments. Their cut resistance is also excellent and can protect your hands from moderate to severe cuts.


Uvex Group first started out as a cut resistant gloves manufacturer back in 1965. Philipp M. Winter understood the need for protective eyewear for laborers, especially those doing welding, drilling and machining work. Fast forward to today, they now have an assortment of industrial safety products including safety helmets, work gloves and hearing protection.

Their work gloves are resistant to cuts and moisture without sacrificing on hand dexterity and sensitivity. Their gloves are still breathable, which makes them an ideal choice even when working in high heat conditions.

Mapa Professional

When it comes to hand gloves, Mapa Professional is a cut resistant gloves manufacturer. They have been making gloves since 1948. Since then, they have formulated a variety of gloves that cater to the needs of the food, building, fishing, chemical, engineering and environment industries.

The materials they use for their work gloves are resistant to wear and tear. They are also thin enough to provide hand sensitivity but can still provide enough protection even from high heat or intense cold. Their work gloves can be used for both wet and dry work conditions, making them such a versatile solution.

Legion Safety

Based in Wheeling, Illinois, this company distributes a variety of protective products including cut resistant gloves. They have been around since 2009 and they take pride in their Dyneema and HPPE Gloves.

Their Dyneema gloves, particularly, are quite lightweight, which makes them easier to wear for extended periods of time. Although the material is lightweight and thin, it is stronger and more durable than steel fibers. So whether you need gloves for industrial, metal fabrication, automotive, food and many other industries that require optimum hand protection, their gloves are a great choice.

Cordova Safety Products

This protective equipment is based in Memphis, Tennessee and has been around since 1994. Their over 25 years of experience has made them an authority when it comes to protective products like work gloves.

Their impact protection gloves, for instance, are some of the most reliable gloves out there with ANSI/ISEA A7 level of cut protection. You can rely on these gloves when doing tasks that can expose your hands to cuts and abrasions. Their work gloves also have high grip and are comfortable to wear no matter what the environment conditions are.

Northern Safety & Industrial

Founded in 1983 and with a headquarters in Frankfort, New York, this company currently has up to 1000 people under their employ. Their over 30 years of manufacturing experience has made them an expert in creating industrial and safety supplies including work gloves.

They make different kinds of gloves for different purposes including string knit gloves, nylon string knit gloves, textured nitrile, latex foam, hi-vis polyurethane material and many more. Their work gloves are generally impervious to damage, even when used in demanding work conditions. Many of their work gloves are lightweight and quite comfortable to use even for those with big hands.


Hantover is a privately-held company that has been founded in 1939. They are currently based in Overland Park, Kansas. Their work gloves include heat-resistant gloves, thermal food gloves and string knit gloves, to name a few.

Although they also carry industrial products from other companies, they also produce their own work gloves. The Hantover work glove caters to the needs of different people and can come in various sizes. The materials used are resistant to cuts and abrasions but are still comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time.

Liberty Glove & Safety

Liberty Glove & Safety was established in 1987. Their headquarters is now in City of Industry in California but they have distribution centers in Ohio, Texas and Georgia.
Their gloves are well thought-out and designed. You can find materials such as 3M Thinsulate material that is known for its ability to resist impact.

Their gloves also have a cotton corded shell to ensure that they will last for a long time even when used roughly and for the most demanding of jobs. The parts of the hands that are prone to cuts are protected. You can still enjoy working while wearing these gloves because they are made more comfortable with materials such as engineered yarn shell.

SAS Safety Corp

SAS Safety Corp is a cut resistant gloves manufacturer of subsidiary of PLC . Since their inception in 1983, this California-based production company has since harnessed their skills in crafting products for industrial issues, even garnering the coveted ISO certification.

Their work gloves, particularly, are a must-have for industrial workers because of how durable they are. These are not the type of work gloves that you can just dispose after one use. The thickness of their gloves is just right in providing ample protection but without hampering the movements of the hands. They are great to use even for industries where intricate hand movements are essential.