Work Glove Manufacturers in Europe

There are work gloves suppliers in Europe. If you are looking for the best glove companies in Europe, you have come to the right page. In this post, we will highlight 16 of the best safety glove suppliers in Europe. Read on to find out our best picks.


Company NameWebsiteAddressCountry
Guide Glovesguidegloves.comUlricehamn
Vistaforsvägen 3B 52385
ZANIER Sport GmbH 2.0/Grabenweg 68
6020 Innsbruck/Austria
SEIZ Str. 63
72555 Metzingen
Pro Gloveße 44 81379Germany
NITRAS Arbeitsschutz GmbH
Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 11
50181 Bedburg
Holík Internationalwww.holik-international.czZa Dvorem 612
763 14 Zlín 12
Czech Republic
MIRO 275, 569 82 Borova u Policky, Czech republicCzech
HANDI Barfots vei 5
4633 Kristiansand S
Center Plast Aswww.centerplast.noSaltstraumen
Straumøyveien 141 8056
TOMI WELD s.r.o.á 48/B
821 06 Bratislava 214
Weldas 18
NL-4612 RC Bergen op Zoom
OXXA Safety Gloves Campertlaan 6
3201 AX Spijkenisse
The Netherlands
Juba Personal Protective Equipment S.L. Logroño 29-31,
26250 Santo Domingo de la Calzada,
La Rioja (Spain)
Szewczyk sp. j. Milanówek, ul. Królewska 23Poland
IPI AG headquarters
Hauptstraße 20, 3186
Düdingen, Switzerland
ROSTAINGwww.rostaing.com17 Avenue Charles de Gaulle 01800Italy

Work Glove Manufacturers Europe List

  1. Guide Gloves

For more than 3 decades, Guide Gloves has fulfilled its mandate to protect and improve the performance of working hands. The company produces some of the best work gloves on the continent. Aside from creating high-quality work gloves, the company also advises customers on the right gloves to use. This leads to a much safer work environment, improves performance, and offer a better experience for the worker. Products include

  • Thin working gloves
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Cut protection gloves

And much more!

  1.  ZANIER Sport GmbH

“Safe ordering from glove experts” is the watchword of Zanier. This company is one of the best glove companies in Europe. They offer customers a wide variety of gloves. This range from heated gloves for outdoor activities, sport gloves for racing, ski touring and freeriding, winter sports gloves, to luxury gloves embedded with crystals for sports and leisure. Buy any gloves from the wide variety of gloves available and be assured of comfort, protection, and durability.

  1.  SEIZ

SEIZ is a German glove manufacturing company that delivers high quality products all around Europe. The manufacturer makes different types of gloves available on the market ; from industrial gloves to insert gloves.

These offer excellent hand protection during activities like gardening to welding. If you are a contractor looking for excellent gloves for your workers, these gloves from SEIZ are tailored to endure the rigors of everyday use and offer good protection from hazards.

  1.  Pro Glove

Pro Glove is unlike your average glove manufacturer. The company is focused on creating smart gloves that offer more than just protection. Pro Glove builds industrial wearables that are the lightest, smallest and toughest barcode scanners in the world, connecting the workforce to actionable information within the IoT (Internet of Things). Some of the features enjoyed by getting Pro Glove’s gloves include:

  • Collect data, track activities, provide alerts and support distinct tasks
  • Connect the workers to the IIoT for communication, visualization and big data analytics
  • Monitor and measure workforce productivity
  1.  Nitras Safety Products

Since 1986 Nitras has been a reliable partner for personal protective equipment and workwear. The company is specialized in the supply of wholesalers and supplies partners in over 30 countries. It is owner-managed until today and attaches the greatest importance to the quality of products.

NITRAS has been registered mid-1990s and has evolved to a renowned and reliable trademark in the sector. NITRAS SAFETY PRODUCTS has the right equipment for you. In addition to important protective functions, it also focuses on practical details and functionality.

  1.  Holik International

Holík International is a Czech manufacturing company that produces gloves. The establishment of the company dates back to 1993. Holik combines traditional glove-making crafts with the most sophisticated technologies in the field. Originally, the company focused exclusively on the production of work gloves.

Over time, the company has branched out to concentrate more on the production of rescue gloves for fire-fighters and special gloves for the army, police and rescuers. Holik lies among the top 5 European producers of protective gloves for fire-fighters and exports these gloves to over thirty countries worldwide.

  1.   Miro

The company MIRO was founded by Ladislav Koumar on 1 October 1990, and is based on a long tradition of producing knitted gloves. The headquarters and production facilities of the company are located in the village of Borová near the town Polička, almost in the centre of the Czech Republic. \

Due to being in what is almost the heart of Europe, it has a convenient location for the logistics of supplies to all parts of the European continent, particularly to the countries of European Union. MIRO has remained a wholly family firm without no foreign investment or participation since its establishment, developing under the diligence and hard work of its employees, growing from a regional company to one of the largest glove-producing companies in Europe. Our advantage has always been production quality, ease of availability and speed of delivery.

  1.  HANDI

Handi is an import and agency company with almost 50 years of experience. The company has a wealth of expertise on the production and distribution of high quality work gloves all around Europe. Whether you are looking to buy gloves for agriculture and fishing or work gloves for your automotive company, you can rest assured that you will find what you need from this company.

  1.   Center Plast A.S

Center Plast A.S is a supplier of protective equipment. Center Plast is founded and built 35 km from Bodø, in Nordland county, on the banks of the famous Saltstraumen. The company manufactures several of these including gloves, glove liners, disposable clothing, and more. The gloves provided include water-resistant, leather, heat resistant, and synthetic fingerless gloves.

Center Plast AS is one of the country’s leading suppliers of gloves for the fishing industry and the company has been working in this industry since 1958. In recent years, various types of work gloves made of other materials such as leather, cotton, nitrile and other types of synthetic materials have also become an important part of the business.

  1. Tomi Weld

TOMI-WELD builds on the tradition of selling professional welding equipment and welding consumables. The company has more than 25 years of experience in delivering first-class products and services to customers. With strong background, experience and expertise it has become one of the most recognized companies in the segment of arc welding and plasma arc cutting in Slovakia. Some of the activities of the company include:

  • Welding sources for arc welding
  • Complete range of welding consumables, including pipe wires with or without mixed gas protection
  • Plasma cutting and cutting
  • Welding protective equipment, protective equipment for steel mills and workplaces with elevated ambient temperature

  1. Weldas

Weldas ongoing product development and quality control supported by field testing has earned a worldwide reputation for the highest quality and most innovative products, welding gloves and welding clothing.

This has earned it a reputation as one of the best leatherworking gloves companies in Europe. Aside from gloves, the company also provides different accessories, clothing, and head protection.

  1. OXXA Safety Gloves

OXXA gloves are made to protect. For any profession that demands safety and comfort there is an OXXA glove that will provide a perfect fit. OXXA Safety Gloves develops and produces modern work gloves of high, consistent quality and with maximum wearing comfort.

Work gloves by OXXA ensure that users are able to perform their work in a safe and comfortable manner and that productivity on the work floor is increased.

OXXA gloves have a longer life span than other work gloves and thus contribute to lower costs for the employer.

  1. JUBA Safety Evolution

JUBA was originally founded as a company manufacturing leather seat covers. It began making industrial gloves in 1950. This Rioja firm has been making unstoppable progress in its sector ever since. International expansion and needs emerging in a new era led the family to negotiate its buy-out by the BUNZL Group – an English FTSE 100 company that has owned the group since May 2010.

Juba has more than 400 work gloves to prevent thermal, mechanical, chemical, electrical risks, cutting risks, welding sparks and other hazards that a worker can find in his workplace.

  1. JS GLOVES Professional Hand Protection

This Polish company was established in 1983 and for more than two decades, the company has specialized in manufacturing knitted safety gloves and sleeves.

With many years of experience in the knitting industry, the monitoring of needs and requirements in the scope of hand protection, the use of state-of-the-art methods and equipment in the production of technical fibres, as well as the application of modern technologies have all contributed to the fast development of the company.

It is currently one of the largest manufacturers of safety gloves and sleeves in Europe.

  1. IPI AG

IPI AG’s work gloves are suitable for any type of industrial, agricultural or hazardous work and come in various sizes and materials and fabrics, including nitrile, PVC, touchscreen, polyurethane and latex.

They can be used in the food industry, for manufacture or when dealing with chemicals, as well as for gardening or DIY projects. Today, this German company produces some of the best leatherworking gloves in Europe.


Rostaing is the French pioneer, creator and manufacturer of high performance technical protective gloves for all actions from the most dangerous to the most technical and precise. Work gloves, anti-cut, anti-heat, and protective gloves are designed by this company to ensure your safety and comfort. Rostaing has created more than 4,000 models of work protection gloves and continues to design 1 new model every 3 days.

European work glove manufacturers

Your PPE is very important. Whether you are buying for yourself or for your team, and regardless of the industry you are working in, the success of your project is largely dependent on your safety gear.

There are advantages to having your supplier and manufacturer in Europe. Let’s see some of them.

  1. Various points of distribution

The suppliers in Europe have various warehouses around the continent. Therefore, you can easily get the work gloves that you need no matter where you are.

  1. High-quality of Materials

There are several bodies and organizations in Europe whose sole aim is to ensure that the goods produced from industries meet high standards. For example, there is the European Glove Association (EGA). The Association received its Certificate of Incorporation in May 2003. Therefore, you can rest assured that your goods will be of the highest quality possible.

  1. Innovative Technology

The manufacturers are always looking to improve the manufacturing process and deliver work gloves better than previous models. Hence, you will always have gloves that protect you from impacts, cuts, and other hazards.


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