BBQ Gloves

When you are standing in front of the hot grill, or sitting around the campfire with your friends, turning the fragrant grilled meat in your hands, have you ever wondered how to protect your hands from the heat? At this moment, what you need is exactly a pair of BBQ heat-resistant gloves crafted by our manufacturer!

We use top-quality Kevlar/aramid fiber material combined with advanced silicon coating technology to create BBQ gloves that are both heat resistant, comfortable and durable. The outer layer is made of 10-gauge aramid material, which effectively isolates your hands from the heat and keeps them safe, while the inner layer is made of 7-gauge cotton or HPPE fiber, which is not only comfortable to wear, but also effective in preventing accidental cuts.

The maximum heat-resistant temperature of these gloves can reach an amazing 930℉ (500℃), so you can not be afraid of any high-temperature challenges. Meanwhile, the gloves are made of environmentally friendly silicone material, which can be used in direct contact with food without worrying about harmful residues. Both sides of the gloves can be printed with silicone, which not only increases the anti-slip performance, but also gives the gloves a unique sense of fashion.

Whether it’s barbecuing, smoking, oven baking, outdoor camping, campfire party, or even high-temperature work in the workplace, our BBQ heat-resistant gloves provide you with all-around protection for your hands. The gloves are insulated to withstand a wide range of temperatures: from a brief 932°F (500°C) shock to a sustained 212°F (100°C) heat for tens of seconds, the gloves maintain excellent protection.

When you choose our BBQ heat-resistant gloves, you are choosing professionalism and safety. Let’s guard your hands together so that you can feel the care and attention from our manufacturer while enjoying your food.

Temperature range for the best BBQ gloves:

withstand heat up to 932°F(500°C) for 12 – 15 seconds.

withstand heat up to 662°F(350°C) for 16 – 18 seconds.

withstand heat up to 482°F(250°C) for 21 – 23 seconds.

withstand heat up to 212°F(100°C) for 55 – 68 seconds.

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