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Polyurethane(PU) coated gloves are the gloves made of polyurethane coated and textile liner. Usually, we call it is PU coated glove.

The surface resistance of the polyurethane(PU) gloves can reach 10 7th ohms. During the use of the PU glove, the fingertip friction is not easy to generate static electricity and has no adsorption capacity to the surrounding dust. At the same time, the PU resin does not contain silicon, and after contact with other objects without leaving marks and sweat marks. PU dipped gloves are widely used in the dust-free purification space, electronics industry, and semiconductor industry.

Features of PU coated gloves: good electrical insulation, microporous system, excellent hand feeling, superior elasticity, excellent wear, and tear resistance.

Common glove shell for PU work gloves are 13/15 gauge polyester, 13/15/18 gauge nylon(polyurethane coated nylon gloves), 13/15 gauge carbon fiber (also there is a very hot-selling cut-resistant HPPE with PU coated work glove, we will give more details in the section of Cut Resistant Glove ). The long-fiber polyester nylon is woven into the copper wire conductive fiber/carbon wire anti-static fiber so that the glove has the effect of not sticking to the skin. The static electricity is prevented from generating fine dust under the potential, and the working environment is clean and comfortable.

Common coatings for PU coated gloves include palm dip and fingertip dip, the same to latex and nitrile palm coating is the most common dipping position; PU coating at fingertips can effectively prevent slip and leak, making the work is easy and comfortable. The round rubber around the nail prevents the pressure of the fingertips, and it has strong air permeability.

Polyurethane palm coated gloves have higher abrasion resistance than latex and the same as nitrile. It is the lightest in hand and at a lower price than latex and nitrile, so g40 polyurethane coated gloves is highly recommend.

▋More Description About The Anti-static PU Coated Gloves

PU coated gloves generally have a common type and anti-static type. Below we introduce the anti-static PU coating gloves in detail.


80% nylon plus 20% high-performance copper fiber/carbon fiber woven;

Apply PU resin to your fingers or palms.


  1. The conductive coating resin is added to the PU coating to make the antistatic effect the best. It can avoid the direct contact of the operator’s fingers with the electrostatic sensitive components, and can safely discharge the static charge of the human body.
  2. Has good anti-slip and wear resistance.
  3. Good gas permeability and washable.

Surface Resistance:

Carbon fiber 10^7Ω-10^8Ω

10^5Ω-10^6Ω of copper fiber

Nylon, also known as polyamide, is a synthetic fiber. Its advantage is that it has a higher wear resistance than all other fibers and is not easy to break. The gloves made of nylon have the advantage of not being off-line and durable. It fits tightly with your fingers and does not cause any discomfort. Many workers in the workplace feel that the gloves are sticky and not easy to use under long working conditions, but this will not, nylon anti-static gloves are non-slip. The effect is strong, there will be no slippage of the product from the hand, and the anti-slip property is also guaranteed.

In the nylon gloves, the conductive fiber is used. The conductive fiber refers to a certain chemical fiber or metal fiber, which has a very strong antistatic effect, and the humidity does not have any influence on its electrical resistance. The acquisition of the conductive fiber is not as expected. It is easy to use, such as miscibility, evaporation, electroplating, etc. and is made by mixing with carbon black, graphite or metal powder. The conductive fiber material in the antistatic glove has good electrical insulation effect and antistatic function.

At present, the anti-static gloves we are talking about are basically nylon-blend conductive fibers or polyester-mixed conductive fibers. The price of polyester is cheaper than nylon, and the comfort and life of use are also worse.

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