Anti-impact gloves are high-end labor protection gloves. The composition of the anti-impact material is a rubber reinforcement of TPR. The Thermo-Plastic-Rubber material is a thermoplastic rubber material.

It is a kind of thermoplastic soft rubber compound which has rubber elasticity and does not need to be vulcanized and can be directly processed (such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, etc.).

The TPR material is based on thermoplastic styrene butadiene rubber (such as SBS, SEBS), adding resin (such as PP, PS), filler, plasticizer and other functional additives blending modified materials.

Depending on the mold, it is made into different shapes and then sewn on the glove liner to provide cushioning. The durability of the 3D TPR finger and back-reinforcing gloves protects the hands and joints from accidental injury .

TPR is generally used in fluorescent high-visible colors to avoid the danger of working in dark environments. The liner of the glove can be made of polyester, nylon or cut-proof HPPE material. Both the palm and the tip of the finger are dipped and the different coatings are suitable for different working environments.

It also enhances the firmness of the inner knit gloves. At the middle of the thumb and index finger of the glove is often thumb reinforcement. The cortical material is commonly used, and the Kevlar suture is sewn. Thumb reinforcement will effectively form a reinforced structure that protects the palms and protects the palms of the hands from the impact of dry strength shocks.

TPR anti-impact work gloves are widely used in natural gas drilling, oil exploration, natural gas exploration, urban construction, mining operations, heavy industry, security industry, etc.

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