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Here are the suppliers of Europe Kn95 masks, FFP2 masks, N95 masks.

Some are manufacturers of medical masks, some are retailers.


Since the coronavirus outbreak, which started in China and went on to spread early this year, we have witnessed an increase in demand for masks. The global fear of the coronavirus pandemic has become one of the top factors which have been driving the market of masks. Europe has been one of the continents which have been hit hard by this epidemic. Masks are useful in preventing the spread of coronavirus, which means that it shall be easy to contain. In most towns, wearing masks has been made compulsory. Here are some of the best mask suppliers in Europe.

Surgical Masks Manufacturer list Europe

Company NameAddressProductsCountry
PROTECT UOffices and Main Warehouse, Units 1&2 Hurricane Way, Wickford Business Park
Wickford, Essex SS11 8YR
UK - England & Wales
Tiger Supplies Ltd3 Driberg Way
FFP2 Dust Masks KN95 Disposable Masks FFP2 Disposable Masks 3 Ply Disposable Masks Moldex AIR FFP2 NR Valved Disposable MasksUK
SP Services (UK) LtdBastion House, Hortonwood 30, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 7XT4 Ply Surgical Procedure Face Masks with Ear Loops
JSP - FFP3 Face Mask with Valve
3M 9332+ Aura FFP3 Face Mask
FluidProtect Procedure Face Mask & Anti-Fog Visor
FFP2 Face Mask
Medline Industries LtdQuayside Wilderspool Business Park

Greenalls Avenue

Warrington WA4 6HL

United Kingdom
FFP3 Respirator Mask
Type II Surgical Facemask
Type IIR Procedural Facemask
Type II Procedural Facemask
Type IIR Surgical Facemask
FFP2 Respirator Mask
FFP1 Respirator Mask
FFP3 + Type IIR Respirator Mask
Lohmann&Rauscher GmbH&Co. KG1 Wellington Court, Lancaster Park
DE13 9PD Needwood, Burton on Trent
Great Britain
Sentinex Lite
Sentinex Classic
Sentinex SuperSoft
Sentinex ExtraTouch
Sentinex AntiFog
VEGEA 5, avenue Caroline, 92210 Saint-Cloud, FranceKN95 Disposable Masks FFP2 Disposable Masks
Adult / Child Cotton Masks
Alternative Fabric Mask
3 Ply Disposable Masks
VoussertVoussert SAS, 266 Bayern CathedralType II 3 Ply Protection Masks
Type II 3 Ply Surgical Masks
FFP1 Protection Masks with Box Valve
FFP2 Protective Masks
FFP3 Protective Masks
Berner International Limited CompanyWerner-von-Siemens-Str. 19
25337 Elmshorn
Sterile FFP3 respirator
Sterile FFP3 respirator without valve
FFP-3 respirator latex free
FFP2 respirator

Zatori Building,

Clonminam Business Park,

Portlaoise,Co. Laois
Surgical Masks
Surgical Masks Kids Size
Protective Face Shield
KN95 Face Mask
Surgical Masks - Tie On
Irema IrelandKilmallock Business Park,Kilmallock,Co. Limerick,Ireland.Classical Surgical Face Masks
XtraComfort Surgical Face Masks
Anti-Splash Surgical Face Masks
Anti-Fog Surgical Face Masks
Extra Large Surgical Face Masks
MölnlyckeGamlestadsvägen 3C
415 02 Gothenburg, Sweden
BARRIER Medical face masksSweden

United Kingdom


This company was established in 1998, and the company has grown over the years to become one of the leading UK mask suppliers of the PPE, PPE Personal Protective Equipment. Some of the masks that they produce include Dental, Hygiene, surgical, FFP1, N95, N99, and other respirator plus the massive range of industrial supplies with multi-million-pound turnover.

The company has a mission to be able to save the customer’s money on all the industrial materials as well as respiratory protection and at the same time be able to supply some quality branded products and offer the customers with professional as well as personal service via their dedicated sales team.

Tiger Supplies Ltd

Tiger Supplies is among the leading suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well as building site supplies that boasts of over 15 years of trading to construction as well as civil engineering industries.

Their customers trust them to be able to deliver quality products direct to the site on time. Their products include protective footwear, safety eyewear, safety gloves, ear protection, respiratory equipment as well as other various PPE equipment.

SP Services (UK) Ltd

This company was established in 1989 in Wandsworth, South London. Evolution of this company in the first 18 months was able to exceed expectations beyond expectations and grew super-fast. Over the last 30 years, the company has continued with its business expansion, and they later moved into larger premises, which are located on Horton wood Telford.  In 2013, they moved again to a new site in Telford, Bastion House.

SP Services have always intended to be able to supply only high-quality products from the smallest packet of plaster to the masks. Their products have been approved by the Department of Health. You can be sure that they shall provide immediate as well as uninterrupted supply to the customers.

Medline Industries Ltd

At Medline, they continually work with the medical professionals to be able to learn about their unique needs to be able to develop the best product solutions. The results are a comprehensive selection of the latex-free medical face masks that does have some innovative features that do offer superb comfort while at the same time, meeting the highest standards of protection.

All of their hospital masks have been designed to be able to meet all the requirements of the healthcare professionals from the nurse to the surgeon.   Their portfolio features medical respirator masks, surgical face masks, and procedural face masks.

Lohmann&Rauscher GmbH&Co. KG

The range of the Sentinex surgical Face masks was majorly developed from the ergonomic point of view as well as does offer the best solution for every type as well as for every application. 3-layer construction does provide effective protection against the infections in patients as well as or personnel by the Type II or even type IIR classification as per the DIN EN 14683.

The company does have a wide range of products ranging from Sentinex Lite, Sentinex Classic, Sentinex SuperSoft as well as Sentinex AntiFog.



For over 20 years, the company has been practicing with passion. The company does have 3 ply masks for single-use as well as not sanitary. CE normed according to the EN149:2001+A1: 2009 PP non-woven material with two retaining links. Intended to be able to avoid during expiration of wearer, projections of secretions from channels airborne or even saliva, which may contain transmissible infectious agents.

VEGEA has respect for the complex standards of objects. The company can be able to deliver over 20,000 in a week or even two. By entrusting them with your communication problems, they will easily be able to find the best advertising object that is well suited for your event as well as the budget.


Are you looking for the best disposable protective mask? This is among the best suppliers which are available in the market. Their disposable FFP (Filtering Face Piece particles) respiratory masks subject to certain standards and efficiency tests. These masks serve protection against fine particles.

Well, their effectiveness is usually evaluated as a function of filtration rate but also as a function of the rate of leakage into the interior. 2001 version of standard EN 149 defines three efficiency classes for such PPEs:

  • FFP1 N RD
  • FFP2 N RD
  • FFP3 NR D

FFP2, as well as FFP3 masks, are also available with the valve to be able to protect the wearer against the risk of inhalation of small airborne particles that could contain viruses. The use of the mask with the valve does also gives more breathing comfort for the user. The mask the company makes does also protects against droplets emitted by the person with the flu.


Berner International Limited Company

This company makes particle filtering respirators that are by the DIN EN 149 of the levels FFP 3 and FFP 2 that are suitable in the laboratory. With regard to the area of application, the masks can be used in protecting you against particles as well as aerosols in areas of handling cytostatic, working with the biological agents as well as viruses or even the hazardous substances. All the filter masks are usually type-tested as well as certified according to PPE regulation.


The MobilityShop

This is among the top companies in Ireland. The company does offer a wide range of mobility tools as well as equipment such as grab rails, wheelchairs, walking tools, and masks to be able to facilitate ease as well as the independence of movement. The company does aim to make everyday tasks easy to perform.

Some of the masks that they have includes surgical masks, surgical masks kids’ size, KN95 Face mask, protective Face Shield as well as Protective face shield with the foam lining.

Irema Ireland

This company does design, manufacture as well as supply the disposable standard medical as well as surgical face masks, which do meet highest industry standards for the bacterial filtration efficiency. Their 3 ply as well as 4 ply, latex-free, hypoallergenic as well as surgical mouth masks which are available in a wide range of colors.



BARRIER Medical Face masks have been designed to be able to minimize the transfer of bacteria as well as particles from the medical personnel to patients. The choice of the medical face masks you choose can be able to make a huge difference.

These masks offer bacterial filtration that does reduce the risk of infection as well as the need for costly aftercare. They have been designed to promote high comfort.


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