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PU Coated Gloves: Complete Guide

The past few years have seen an increase in popularity for PU coated or Polyurethane coated work gloves, especially in manufacturing industries. Many industries have

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What is HPPE Cut Resistant Gloves?

HPPE, also know as UHMWPE(ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene). HPPE gloves are high-performance polyethylene gloves. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber is a kind of high strength

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Best Cut Resistant Gloves

1) Cut-101 These cut-resistant gloves are made from an HPPE special type of fiber. It is a combination of glass, PE silk, spandex and polyester

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Kevlar vs Dyneema

Since their creation Kevlar and Dyneema have been rivals in the string knit glove world. You’ve already probably have heard about these fibers’ weight-to-strength ratio

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European Standards For Protective Gloves

European Standards For Protective Goves Here are most of the European standards and markings that involve protective gloves. EN420: General requirements Prescribe general requirements for

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