Best Landscaping Gloves

The best landscaping gloves will protect your hands from damage while letting you have complete mobility of your hands and fingers. Many gloves will give you the protection your hands require for long-term durability through multiple jobs. Do your homework, and you will find the gloves you need to keep your hands digging.

Landscaping Gloves

How to choose the best landscaping gloves?

  • The best gloves for landscaping come with multiple things in common. Durability and flexibility are keys to digging, scraping, and moving around your garden.
  • The gloves you purchase need to hold up to the abrasive nature of what your hands will encounter. Protection and long-term durability are hard to find in a landscaping glove.
  • Depending on how frequently you use your gloves, you will need to consider different styles and types.
  • Leather and synthetic leather gloves are a good option for longevity, though they do not have the dexterity of latex, polyester, nylon, and nitrile gloves. They are also water-resistant or waterproof.
  • The gloves that come with a polyester glove coated in latex or nitrile can be as water-resistant as leather while providing the dexterity you want when digging into the ground with your fingers. They will not last as long as leather, but let you love and bend your hand as you need.

Do you need landscaping gloves?

  • You do not need landscaping gloves, but they will protect your hands from anything that might be in the soil from sharp rocks and sticks to glass. The gloves need to protect you from any garden pests you might encounter, which can sting or bite you.
  • By wearing gloves, you will protect your hands and keep them from drying out from excessive washing when you finish and over-drying. It is also a good way to prevent yourself from transferring any pollen or other allergies to your nose if they stick to your hands.
  • Having gloves that come with a specialized grip of rubber or latex will help you hold onto your tools and rocks better. The improvement in grip will speed up your time and help you finish your project on time. It can also keep you from dropping heavier items while you reorganize your garden.

Buying Guide


leather or synthetic leather:

Many types of work gloves are leather or synthetic leather. These types of gloves are very durable and resistant to cuts and abrasions. They are not the cheapest gloves and do not have the flexibility of other types of gloves.

  • Nylon and polyester

Nylon and polyester are common breathable and flexible materials that landscaping gloves come as. The gloves make it easy to dig through the soil without scratching your hand and are flexible enough to pick out the tiniest rocks.

  • Nitrile

Nitrile is a good material to look for if you work with chemicals. The nitrile helps the gloves protect your hands from harmful chemicals and chemical burns.


Most types of gloves will come with a sizing chart. Make sure you read the reviews to ensure the sizing chart is correct for the best possible fit.

What are the best landscaping gloves?

There are many gloves on the market to review and research. Depending on the needs of your work, there are different ones you might want to consider for different reasons. Make sure you know if the gloves will fit your hands and will be as durable as you need them to be.


The HANDLANDY Work Gloves are work gloves that you have more than the ability to work in gloves.

The gloves come with touch screen compatible fingers so that you can stay up-to-date with your friends and on social media.

The gloves provide a comfortable stretch because of the blend of spandex and durable synthetic leather work materials.

The palms and knuckles have padding to prevent scrapes while protecting. Terry cloth comes on the thumb to let you wipe sweat from your face.

The gloves are easy to hook onto your hands and take off for all-day comfort and support.

Neoprene cuffs with loops hold the gloves securely on your wrists to keep them snug and comfortable. The design of the gloves lets them easily flex around your hands.


  • The gloves are tough and durable.
  • The touchscreen material works exactly like it is supposed to.
  • The sizing chart is exactly right for sizing.


  • The gloves are warm to wear in the summer.
  • The gloves do not have grips for lifting and moving things.

SAFE AT Safety Grip Work Gloves

The SAFEAT Safety Grip Work Gloves come with extra reinforcement. The gloves are cut and slice-resistant with EN 388 and a 5 PPE liner to add extra protection to your hand.

The gloves are good for gripping with the ability to feel like a bare hand.

The gloves are ideal for multiple types of work, from carpentry and HVAC work to gardening or carving. They flex around whatever you are holding and are thirteen-gauge lightweight fibres.

The palm of the gloves is polyurethane, which is durable and flexible.

The gloves let you work all day without developing blisters or cutting yourself. The gloves let you use a touch screen and will not leave smear mud or dirt on your screens.


  • The grip of the gloves lets you grab anything.
  • The gloves fit snuggly so they do not move around.
  • The gloves offer your dexterity for my work situations.


  • The gloves show wear after a long day of work.
  • You can still get cuts through the protective layers.

Vgo 3-Pairs Synthetic Leather Work Gloves

The Vgo 3-Pair Synthetic Leather Work Gloves are lightweight. You can garden or work in a warehouse and find protection.

The gloves are abrasion-resistant with synthetic leather palms with five-millimetre foam padding to protect against abrasions.

The gloves are flexible enough to flex your fingers easily. The gloves are EN420 with a dexterity of five for the spandex and synthetic leather blend.

The tips of gloves are touchscreen compatible with the thumb and index fingers. There is outer padding around the knuckles, and the gloves to prevent scrapes and damage as you work.

The gloves are machine washable and come with a 3D pre-curved finger with a forty-five-degree angle for cutting. The gloves have safety cuffs to help protect your wrists and to take on and off.


  • The cuffs are elastic, which prevents debris from falling into the gloves.
  • The gloves offer good protection for heavy-duty work.
  • The gloves are cost-effective.


  • The gloves wear through quickly with heavy work.
  • The palm of your hand does not have extra protection.

G & F 3100L-DZ Knit Work Gloves

The G & F 3100L-DZ Knit Work Gloves are all-purpose work gloves. Made durable, the palms of the work gloves have a rubber coating of blue latex.

The double-dipped latex helps the gloves bend and flex as a regular pair of mittens.

The glove is breathable, flexible cotton that protects the back of your hand from regular scrapes and scuffs.

The gloves have an abrasion resistance of four with tear and puncture resistance of level two. The cut resistance is level one.

The gloves are lightweight, and you can use them for multiple types of jobs. You can also buy the gloves in a pack of twelve, to keep gloves in your vehicles and your garage for instant use.


  • The twelve-pack of gloves is very cost-effective.
  • The gloves are thick enough to wear on a cold day of work.
  • The latex is excellent for grabbing and gripping tools.


  • The latex can wear off quickly during a long day of work.
  • The gloves smell when new.

Waterproof Work Gloves

The Wells Lamont 568 is a fully waterproof work glove. The hand of the glove is tear-resistant latex that is perfect for gripping tools or moving rocks.

The design of the gloves lets them be bendable and flexible for whatever job you are working on.

The glove features a polyester knit shell that helps the glove bend and flex easily. A tight cuff keeps the glove tightly gripping your wrist and preventing debris from getting inside.

An additional layer of latex and nitrile coats the glove to help the hands stay durable while going through dirt and other materials.

The gloves resist cuts, abrasions, and snags while you work. The nitrile coating helps prevent your hands from getting burnt when working with chemicals and solvents.


  • The protective nitrile covers most of your hands front and back.
  • The gloves are long-lasting for multiple types of work.
  • The gloves are very waterproof.


  • The gloves can make your hands sweat.
  • The gloves can wear through quickly with some types of work.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to protecting your hands and having the durability and flexibility to handle sharp rocks and loose soil then a coated glove is your best option.

The glove needs to last through multiple days of work while being cut and abrasion-resistant. The best glove for multiple types of work is the Wells Lamont 568 gloves.

The Wells Lamont 568 is flexible as well as durable. They come with dual layers of a protective coating as well as protection against chemicals.

They are waterproof throughout most of the glove and can help you grip rocks and tools with the same ease. The gloves are well-priced and a cost-effective option for multiple types of work.



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