Anti-impact Gloves Review

What are anti-impact gloves?

Anti-impact gloves are a special type of glove designed to provide extra protection to minimise the effects of shock and vibration on the hands. These gloves are typically used in situations that require frequent contact with hard objects or intense work, such as construction, mining and lifting.

Anti-impact gloves are often designed with reinforced padding and materials to absorb and dissipate external impacts. They may also have a stronger grip to provide better control when handling heavy objects or using tools.

How to choose anti-impact gloves?

There are several factors to consider when choosing an anti-impact glove:

Level of protection: The level of protection provided by the gloves should meet workplace safety standards. For example, some gloves may meet the European standard EN388, which specifies requirements and test methods for hand protection gloves.
Material:  Anti-impact gloves are usually made from special synthetic rubber or polymer materials that absorb and dissipate impact.
Grip: Choose gloves with a good grip to ensure a firm hold when handling heavy objects or using tools.
Comfort:  Anti-impact gloves can be heavy, so you need to consider their comfort. Choose gloves that fit the shape of your hands to ensure they are less tiring to wear for long periods.
Durability:  Anti-impact gloves must be able to withstand frequent use and external wear and tear. Choose gloves that are durable to ensure their longevity.

Here are a few Anti-impact gloves you might use:

1. TRP540


  1. These work gloves provide maximum protection against impact, thanks to their TPR pads. You can use these gloves for heavy-duty applications. It has more coverage around the fingertip area to further provide protection.
  2. The TPR pads are still flexible enough that you can still move your hands easily. You will like how good the grip is. Incorporated with excellent grip technology, you can hold tools and other slippery objects without worrying that you will drop them.
  3. These gloves lean more on the larger side, so if you have large hands and it is hard for you to find work gloves that fit well, you should consider getting these. The coverage is also great. Unlike other gloves, it covers beyond the wrist area.
  4. The forefinger and thumb parts have a reinforcement, so they don’t easily get damaged from wear and tear and don’t easily succumb to cuts, impact and abrasions.


  1. Although there is some flexibility to these gloves, some people might find them too stiff. They are in the medium-firm level when it comes to flexibility.

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2. TPR-101


  1. These gloves act like an armor for your hands. They provide impressive protection against all sorts of injuries including those that you might get from abrasions, blows, cuts and pinches. Workers in various industries should be able to use these gloves confidently.
  2. They are quite comfortable. The inside has a foam nitrile that still makes way for excellent hand dexterity.
  3. We like the reflective material used. It makes it easier to see where you placed your gloves in the dark. Additionally, in case you work in low-light areas, you can easily see your hands, so you don’t accidentally smash them.
  4. The impact gloves stand the test of time. They have been subjected to a lot of abuse but they held up fairly well compared to similar gloves. We like that they are low-maintenance as well. They can get dragged around but they won’t easily look grimy.


  1. The fit is a little tight around the wrist area, so if you are buying this, you might want to get a bigger size. Size goes up to XXL, so that isn’t really too much of a problem.

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3. TRX846


  1. This is different from the others because of its goatskin leather outer. What is unique about this is that it is durable but it also provides maximum hand dexterity, so if you need to move your fingers a lot, you will find this a more fitting choice. It also boasts of the Gunn cut pattern to enhance your dexterity while you work.
  2. This absorbs impact and vibrations. The back of the hands has been untargeted with a defense system that protects the hand up until the finger tips.
  3. We like how comfortable the inside is. Although the liner is durable and resistant to cuts and abrasions, they still feel like you are wearing a fine pair of leather gloves.


  1. It’s important to keep these dry at all times. If your hands are sweaty, the moisture can make the gloves become brittle in the future. You should also not use these for wet applications.

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4. TPR-201


  1. Offering the most protection against impact, these gloves with HPPE yarn are designed to resist cuts, impact and abrasions. These gloves will last you for a long time because of the excellent construction.
  2. These anti-impact gloves are recommended for people who handle machines and tools that vibrate a lot. They dampen vibration to protect your hands against fatigue.
  3. The color is great. You will find the splash of neon beneficial as it is easier to see in the dark. It is reflective and perfect for working in low-light conditions.
  4. The flexibility of these gloves is a winning point. If you are looking for gloves that can be an all-around pair for your virous industrial needs, this is a good choice. The material is easy to bend and it also brings breathability to the table.


  1. Compared to the others, this might not be the most heavy-duty. We suggest using it to light to moderate workloads.

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5. TRX743


  1. These impact gloves strike a good balance between flexibility and protection. It still provides excellent protection against impact and cuts but you can still move your hands easily with its good hand dexterity.
  2. It looks and feels well-made. In fact, the thumb saddle has been reinforced to offer more protection, since this is often a vulnerable spot to workers.
  3. You can wear these gloves and not feel uncomfortable even in the summer. That is because it has a vented material that allows air to circulate inside easily.
  4. The fit is just right. It doesn’t feel too constricting on the hands, unlike other gloves material, so you can easily slide your hands off of it when you are done using it.


  1. the padding could use some more improvement. It’s just not as padded as the others. The padding doesn’t feel substantial, so it might not be the best for heavy-duty applications.

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6. TPR-501


  1. Made with a comfortable polyester material with a knuckle and finger pad area that has a rubberized outer, this will protect your hands from all sorts of damages. The palms have a gel padding to cushion your hands from your everyday tasks.
  2. It’s an all-around pair of work gloves. It can be used for dry or wet applications. It also holds up well against oily conditions.
  3. These are comfortable to use. You can use them for hours and not feel hand fatigue.


  1. In the summer, these anti-impact gloves might feel too hot. The material is not that breathable.

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